Ensuring Successful Transformation: Harnessing Knowledge

The Conference Board of Canada, June 23, 2016
Recorded Webinar
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When it comes to knowledge management, change is the only constant. Technology innovations can improve how we work and communicate, but each new platform or capability requires a corresponding shift in employee processes and behaviors. Furthermore, a good knowledge strategy needs to align with the challenges and opportunities that are top of mind for executives, so KM goals and priorities are always shifting to reflect changes in the broader business strategy.

To get the full return on their knowledge, organizations must harness effective change management strategies to build collaborative environments where employees proactively share what they know. In this webinar, APQC Knowledge Management Research Program Manager Lauren Trees will describe techniques to shift employee attitudes and behaviors and embed knowledge sharing and collaboration in the organizational culture. She will also discuss ways in which KM processes can help senior leaders handle big, transformational changes more effortlessly, without provoking excessive anxiety and fear.

Webinar Highlights

Attendees will learn:

  • The top 10 barriers to enterprise knowledge sharing: awareness, sponsorship, time, distance, culture, experience, knowledge hoarding, relationships, trust, and misaligned measures
  • Questions to ask senior leaders to ensure strategic alignment and help build sponsorship
  • How organizations can use KM pilot projects to secure advocates and early adopters (and then leverage early success to increase adoption rates)
  • Best practices for KM training, including ways to build awareness and make training more fun and engaging
  • Why leading organizations develop communication and reward strategies to convey the value of knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • How knowledge sharing and collaboration help organizations navigate large-scale changes such as mergers/acquisitions, internal reorganizations, and market/business model shifts

About Lauren

Lauren Trees is research program manager for knowledge management (KM) at member-based nonprofit APQC. In this role, she identifies trends in enterprise knowledge sharing and collaboration, researches ways to improve knowledge flow, and shares the findings with APQC members and the business community at large. She has served as project manager for two large-scale collaborative research projects—Transferring and Applying Critical Knowledge and Connecting People to Content—and led additional research on expertise location, competency development, content management, social media, gamification, mentoring, ROI, and the future of KM. Her current research focuses on next-generation communities and how KM supports innovation.

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