Montréal Compared: Scorecard for the Greater Montréal Area—2016 Edition

The Conference Board of Canada, 30 pages, December 20, 2016
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This briefing updates our scorecard for Montréal, first published in 2015. We look at 29 key indicators in the areas of economic health, human capital, innovation, quality of life, and attractiveness, and we compare Montréal's performance to that of 14 other North American cities. 

This publication includes a French Executive Summary, followed by an English version of the full report.

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To better identify their relative strengths and weaknesses, organizations must constantly compare and measure their own performance to that of their peers. In this second edition of our scorecard, we once again compare the performance of the Greater Montréal region to that of 14 other cities in North America. The scoring is broken down into 29 key indicators grouped into five broad categories: economic health, human capital, innovation, quality of life, and attractiveness. This latest edition also includes a new interactive tool——that readers can use to measure and compare Montréal's performance.

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