A New Approach to Engagement Measures and Actions: A Corus Entertainment Case Study

The Conference Board of Canada, February 16, 2018
Recorded Webinar
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Maximizing employee engagement continues to be a top priority for employers in Canada. Organizations pour time and money into ensuring their employees are engaged – and for good reason – the benefits of an engaged workforce are clear: increased productivity, decreased turnover, and improved business results.

Corus Entertainment – one of Canada’s leading media and entertainment companies – has taken a new approach to enhancing employee engagement.

Webinar Highlights

Join Cheryl Fullerton, Executive Vice President, People and Communications and Lynn Watkins, Director, Talent Development, as they discuss the how Corus is trying to move the employee engagement needle by focusing on impact and sustainability, not numbers and reports.

They will share insights on how the organization is rethinking how they talk about, and build, employee engagement. At its core it’s about creating a company-wide conversation on engagement – one theme at a time.

In this webinar, Cheryl and Lynn will discuss:

  • How engagement has been designed to increase impact and sustainability
  • Getting quickly to what’s important
  • Faster, more nimble action planning
  • Company-wide reinforcement
  • The mantra of continuous improvement

About Cheryl

Cheryl Fullerton is Executive Vice President, People and Communications at Corus Entertainment. Cheryl is accountable for the leading the creation of a high-performance culture, and integrated, high impact people solutions to support the exceptional creativity and performance of the company’s people. Communications responsibilities include internal and external stakeholder communications strategies and execution for Corus’ roster of market-leading television networks, radio stations and associated assets. Cheryl also oversees Corus’ corporate social responsibility programs including the organization’s company-wide philanthropic initiative, Corus Feeds Kids.

About Lynn

Lynn Watkins is Director, Talent Development at Corus Entertainment. She is responsible for the creation and development of a high-performance culture through the use of innovative and effective talent management strategies, closely aligned to business direction. Lynn’s career has included numerous years’ as an HR & OD professional bringing to life initiatives in: culture, engagement, leadership, succession, performance management, diversity, and learning. This experience has been gained a variety of both global and cross-sector environments including: media, financial services, professional services, manufacturing, and not-for-profit sectors.

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