Progress Toward Clean Electricity Case Studies of Three Canadian Jurisdictions

The Conference Board of Canada, 64 pages, November 12, 2010
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Changes in the electricity systems of three provinces (Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta) in the last 15 years are helping to make progress toward clean electricity in Canada. Customized, multi-faceted approaches are being taken by each jurisdiction.

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This assessment of selected changes made to the electricity systems in three contrasting jurisdictions—Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta—shows that the progress being made is contributing positively to the transition to clean electricity in Canada. The changes studied are in the areas of electricity policies, generation mix, transmission capacity and grid management, and conservation and energy efficiency. Each jurisdiction has taken a customized approach matched to its own circumstances. Three case studies provide valuable information and useful reference points for other jurisdictions pursing the complex pathway to clean electricity. This research report concludes that good progress is being made, but there is still some way to go in developing clean electricity systems in Canada.

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