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Agenda and Speakers

Public Sector HR 2018Feb 27–28, 2018 Ottawa

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

7:45 AM Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:15 AM Opening Remarks from the Co-Chairs
Skeoch-Brewer <br />  
Executive Program Developer
The Conference Board of Canada
Jackson <br />  
Associate Director, Human Resources Transformation Research
The Conference Board of Canada
8:30 AM Plenary Session 1
Rethinking Public Sector HR: Canadian HR Executives Speak

In early 2017, in partnership with Aon Hewitt, The Conference Board of Canada brought together senior HR executives from large, complex, Canadian public sector organizations for a roundtable discussion about the future of HR.

This session will provide you with these HR leaders' predictions and advice about the issues that are most likely to dominate the HR agenda in Canadian public sector organizations in the next decade, as well as 4 things that HR can do about it. The themes from this research will frame the balance of the conference program:

  1. Refresh the public sector employment brand to attract the right talent.
  2. Redefine how work gets done in the public sector.
  3. Deconstruct and renew HR.
  4. " Support a mentally healthy workplace

Jackson <br />  
Associate Director, Human Resources Transformation Research
The Conference Board of Canada
9:15 AM Plenary Session 2
Renewing HR- Learning from Provinces

IWK Health Centre is the regional women's, children, youth and families health centre in Atlantic Canada. We will hear about their five-year people strategy focused on creating an inspired and healthy workforce, acquiring and developing the right talent and insuring the organization is ready to deliver on its mandate.

In Ontario, the Ontario Public Service's (OPS) approach very much emphasizes the role HR plays in supporting overall organizational transformation prioritizing community effectiveness. The overarching intent is to improve service delivery and increase staff engagement.

These two examples will offer practical insight into the HR transformation journey as each speaker shares their successes and lessons learned.

Ashton <br />  
Vice-President, People and Organization Development
IWK Health Centre
Brown <br />  
Director, Talent Acquisition Branch, HR Service Delivery Division, Ontario Shared Services
Ministry of Government and Consumer Services
10:30 AM Networking Break
11:00 AM Plenary Session 3
Redefine how work gets done: Making the Shift to Evidence Based HR

One of the biggest changes in the practice of HR in recent years, is the increasing use of data and analytics to inform decision making. Many welcome this development, seeing it as an opportunity for HR. Others are less enthusiastic, concerned that analytics fail to acknowledge the years of experience that underlies much HR practice.

This session features two examples of the application of analytics to HR and includes discussion of common issues like:

  • moving from descriptive to predictive analytics
  • the importance of communication when sharing results
  • emphasizing the human in human capital analytics

Zonjic <br />  
Director, Analysis and Measurement, Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer
Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
Bennett <br />  
HR Analytics and Planner, Human Resources
Alberta Health Services
12:15 PM Networking Luncheon
1:15 PM Plenary Session 4
Refresh the Public Sector Employment brand: Update on "Talent in the Cloud"

Abe Greenspoon presented NRCan's unique approach to talent acquisition & deployment at this event in 2016. Two years on, he will return to share the progress of this initiative, the results achieved and future plans.

Abe's team has pioneered a new approach to talent in the public service that aims to create the flexibility and speed of talent deployment. Hear about "talent in the cloud", an approach that involves the identification, recruitment, and cultivation of a team of "free agents" able to work across the public service.

Greenspoon <br />  
Talent Manager, Canada's Free Agents
Transport Canada
2:00 PM Plenary Session 5
Redefine how Work Gets Done: How Adopting Agile Can Transform HR k

The term agile is everywhere, but what does it really mean? Born out of software development this is a process where teams collaborate to solve issues and design solutions in an iterative way.

In this session, leading Agile evangelist Jason Little will explain how to apply it to HR and so create a function better able to adapt to a changing environment and deliver value to the organization whatever the future holds.

Little <br />  
Chief Bot Wrangler
2:45 PM Refreshment Break
3:00 PM Plenary Session 6
Building Effectiveness Through Diversity and Inclusion

Police forces are on the front line of diversity and inclusion. They must create inclusive, healthy workplaces that account for the diversity of the communities they serve. Additionally, they operate in sensitive environments under close public scrutiny.

In 2015-2016, the Toronto Police Service developed a modernization strategy. As a result, HR needed to modernize its strategies and structures. One of the first areas in Toronto Police Services to modernize was the approach to Talent Management.

They went back to the basics. First, as an organization collaborating with the communities that they serve, they built a new core and leadership competency framework. In this session learn about their processes and early successes such as a mentorship pilot program focused on uniform female first level supervisors.

Pakravan <br />  
Manager, Human Resources Performance Management and Administration
Toronto Police Service
Mackay <br />  
Acting Staff Sergeant
Toronto Police Services
4:00 PM Plenary Session 7
Closing Discussion and Review

This closing session will provide an opportunity to reflect on the day's sessions and share some of the key learnings and how you might apply them in your organization.

4:30 PM Closing Remarks from the Co-Chairs
Skeoch-Brewer <br />  
Executive Program Developer
The Conference Board of Canada
Jackson <br />  
Associate Director, Human Resources Transformation Research
The Conference Board of Canada
4:45 PM Day 1 Adjourns

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

8:00 AM Continental Breakfast
8:30 AM Opening Remarks from the Co-Chairs

After reviewing some of the key points of the first day, the co-chairs will focus on the key theme for the balance of the event - the employee experience and brand.

With increasing competition from the private sector, employee experience is fast becoming the key differentiation for employers.

Skeoch-Brewer <br />  
Executive Program Developer
The Conference Board of Canada
Jackson <br />  
Associate Director, Human Resources Transformation Research
The Conference Board of Canada
8:45 AM Plenary Session 8
Building an optimum workforce: The Changing Expectations of Younger Talent

One of the defining factors in today's workplace is the emphasis on the employee experience. This shift reflects the increased competition for talent, recognition of factors that drive performance and create value in a knowledge economy, and understanding and managing expectations..

This wide-ranging panel will discuss the confluence of these factors and share how they are rethinking practices such as talent management, recruitment, the employer brand, succession, and leadership development.

Gendron <br />  
Assistant Director, Employer Relations
University of Ottawa
Richard <br />  
Association of Canadian Financial Officers
Jeffs <br />  
Canadian Forces
9:45 AM Plenary Session 9
Designing A Future for HR-Putting Experience at the Centre of Transformation

As organizations increasingly look to enhance the employee experience they are turning to the well-established process of design thinking to define and develop new approaches.

Combining innovation with empathy and collaboration, design thinking is beginning to make inroads into HR. This session will offer you a view into the process and explore how you can adopt and adapt it to your HR practice as you seek to improve your employee experience and refresh your employer brand.

10:30 AM Refreshment Break
10:45 AM Plenary Session 10
Cultural Turnaround: The CBC story

Cases of workplace sexual harassment in the United States have placed several organizations under scrutiny exposing the prevalence of toxic workplace cultures. Two years ago, the Canadian Broadcasting Company, a public-sector organization had similar experience having its culture exposed and thrust into the media spotlight.

Heather Conway is Executive Vice-President of English Services at the CBC. Ms. Conway is responsible for all of CBC/Radio-Canada's English-language services, including CBC Television, CBC Radio One, CBC Radio 2, CBC News Network, Heather was a senior manager at the CBC during the time of the Ghomeshi scandal. Heather will share her experiences steering a culture shift at the CBC at a time when everyone was watching.

We will approach this issue through both the single example of culture change at CBC and the broad experience of Thom Kearney who has led and studied culture change in a variety of environments.

Christine Pietschmann joined CBC with a mandate to change the culture after being the topic of international attention during the Ghomeshi scandal. That incident publicly highlighted the negative impact toxic cultures and leaders can have on an organization. She will share lessons and successes of how CBC began identifying and fixing what was wrong with culture and how they began building a positive work environment that looks to the future not to the past.

Pietschmann <br />  
Executive Director, Talent Management
11:45 AM Plenary Session 11
Putting it all Together

Session details to be advised.

Poirier <br />  
Talent Retention and Development
12:30 PM Closing Remarks from the Co-Chairs
Skeoch-Brewer <br />  
Executive Program Developer
The Conference Board of Canada
Jackson <br />  
Associate Director, Human Resources Transformation Research
The Conference Board of Canada
12:45 PM Conference Adjourns

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