Recruiting 2.0: Rethink Your Hiring Process to Hire the Best

The Conference Board of Canada, February 14, 2013
Recorded Webinar
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The Conference Board presents Recruiting 2.0: Rethink Your Hiring Process to Hire the Best, with Doug Tetzner. In this 60-minute session, Doug shares his thoughts on what’s working for recruiting, what isn’t working, and how to fix the problems.

Webinar Highlights

Doug TetznerHow can you make sure you always hire the best? Doug Tetzner, Head of Talent Acquisition at Shopify, has been honing his hiring process for 8 years. Having interviewed more than 1,500 people over the span of his career, he’s developed a knack for finding talented people and evaluating their fit within a company.

He wants you to rethink your recruitment process so that you can hire talented people who really fit in with your organization. Candidate experience and hiring for quality are two of the biggest issues facing firms today. Doug will help you make sense of the chaos, and teach you how to recruit the best people out there.

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