Still Moving: Implementing Mindful Change

The Conference Board of Canada, September 21, 2017
Recorded Webinar
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During this 60-minute live webinar, the second in a series, Deborah Rowland, author of recently published Still Moving; How to Lead Mindful Change, will share compelling insights into how to implement successful change in today’s world. She will draw on both the lessons from her own extensive field experience and her recent global research into the link between mindfulness and change leadership

Her first webinar, Leading Mindful Change for Inspired Leadership, focussed on the inner capacities required of a leader, their quality of being. This session will focus on a leader’s external practices, or their quality of doing, that her research has shown are highly correlated with leading complex change in environments of high uncertainty

You will learn about four practices that, when combined, create an equal balance of disruption and stability in a system, and enable a leader to create ongoing change in their organisation without the leader having to shoulder all the effort. Out of these four practices, Deborah will go deeper on the one that most highly differentiated successful change leadership – ‘edge and tension’ – requiring leaders to make disturbance their friend!

Finally, Deborah will step back to look at how you can architect an overall approach to change in your organisation, and share her insights into the approach her research has shown is most relevant in today’s world, emergent change – which is counterintuitive to how most change is led, requiring leaders giving up their need to control or predict outcomes.

Webinar Highlights

  • Learn about the four leadership behaviours highly correlated with implementing successful change in today’s world
  • Understand how they interrelate to enable a leader to lead change in more effortless and sustainable ways
  • Learn about the tricky task of how a leader can skilfully confront today’s reality without causing defensive routines in others
  • Gain practical insight into how to adopt an emergent change in your organisation, leading to more rapid results and agile cultures.

About Deborah

In the 2017 Thinkers50 Radar Deborah Rowland was named as one of the new generation of management thinkers changing the world of business. She is the co-author of Sustaining Change: Leadership That Works (Wiley, 2008), and now, Still Moving: How to Lead Mindful Change (Wiley, 2017), Deborah is a leading thinker, speaker, writer, coach and practitioner in the field of leading large complex change.

She has personally led change in major global organizations including Shell, Gucci Group, BBC Worldwide and PepsiCo. She also founded and grew a consulting firm that pioneered original research in the field, the latest efforts of which were accepted as a paper at the 2016 Academy of Management. Deborah has a double first in archaeology and anthropology from Cambridge University, and, alongside her change consulting work around the world to CEO’s and their teams from across all industries, she is also a member of the Archbishop’s Review Group into leadership development in the Church of England.

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