Public Sector Social Media 2011

The Conference Board of Canada, November 7, 2011
Conference Recordings
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Social media are changing the way your organization works internally and how it communicates with stakeholders. This Conference e-Proceedings features best practice and case study material from public sector organizations that have successfully implemented a social media strategy. You’ll learn about the basics of social media integration, ways to overcome common public sector social media challenges, crowdsourcing for engagement, privacy and emergency management, and methods for measuring the effect of social media.

Conference Recordings Agenda

Opening Remarks
John Brewer
Executive Program Developer
The Conference Board of Canada

Public Sector Social Media —The Dawn of a New Era?
Ryan Androsoff
Senior Policy Advisor, Web 2.0
Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

From Technophobe to Technophile
Tabatha Soltay
Special Advisor to the Executive Head
Policy Research Initiative

Realizing the Promise of Social Media in Your Organization

Paul Crookall
Management Consultant
Crookall Consulting

Jean Kunz
Policy Horizons Canada

Preparing Government for the Social Media Revolution
James Norrie
Associate Professor, Ryserson University, and
Co-founder, e-Venture Consulting, Inc.

Age of Social Convergence: What it means for emergency managers
Patrice Cloutier
Team Lead
Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services

Crowdsourcing—Engagement, Validation & Feedback
Anastasia Valentine
Chief Executive Officer
Sandbox PM: An Idea to Launch Company

eCollaboration and DFAIT Transformation
Gaston Barban
Chief Information Officer and Director General,
Information Management and Technology Bureau
Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

Social Media Communications Planning and Guidelines

Caroline Kealey
Principal and Founder
Ingenium Communications

Yves Desjardins-Siciliano
General Counsel and Security
VIA Rail Canada Inc.

Regulate AND Innovate: Governing Social Media Without Stifling Enthusiasm
Adrian Cloete
Manager, Social Media, Corporate Web
Human Resources and Skills Development Canada

Doing Business in the Digital Age: Business, Privacy, and Security in a Web 2.0 World
Zachariah Ezekiel
Director, Business Conduct and Chief Privacy Officer
Scotiabank Group Compliance

Closing Remarks
John Brewer
Executive Program Developer
The Conference Board of Canada

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