Leading for Diversity: Are You Missing the Bigger Picture?

The Conference Board of Canada, September 20, 2016
Recorded Webinar
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It’s one thing to manage diversity, but too few leaders understand the importance of tapping into the diverse talent of their workforce to increase performance. Despite strong initiatives in diversity and inclusion, most companies find their leaders still struggle with creating the kind of environment in which all employees—regardless of their aspects of diversity—can contribute their best work and experience continuous growth. It’s not enough to simply seek and hire diverse talent; you must also be able to remove barriers to performance and position everyone for success. By operating from their own cultural norms, many leaders are not aware of how their own inherent thinking and perspectives influence the way they react and relate to others in ways that can be exclusionary. So what can be done?

Join executive coach Palma Robinson as she explores diversity in the workplace, and the difference between being inclusive, and just ‘checking the boxes’. Palma will discuss why it’s imperative to capitalize on the complexity of problem solving in today’s business environment by having a team with diverse skills and capabilities as well as experiences. Palma will also explain why leaders must become more intentional with their reaction to workplace differences, and become more mindful of the 3 areas for developing individuals:

  1. Valuing their unique edge and understanding their hardwired personality
  2. Recognizing their potential for agile learning
  3. Evaluating current & past performance, including knowledge, and work experiences to date

Webinar Highlights

In this session, participant’s will:

  • Increase leader’s awareness of how reactions to differences can influence how they categorize, treat, engage and position people they interact with on a daily basis.
  • Gain an understanding of the dynamic of unconscious bias and the potential negative impact it can have on employee engagement and contribution.
  • Identify what might be preventing their individual team members from performing at higher levels of performance.
  • Apply tools and strategies to create and maintain an inclusive culture

About Palma

Palma Robinson President, Developing Leaders and Niagara Institute Associate.

Palma is an executive coach and organizational development consultant with more than twenty years of experience. Her strength lies in her ability to propose and facilitate personal change initiatives that empower individuals to make meaningful choices and take positive action in their lives as leaders. She coaches C-suite executives from multinational corporations. Ms. Robinson designs global talent Leadership initiatives to support strategic growth objectives; innovative, growth-related executive coaching programs and facilitates personal change initiatives.

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