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The Canadian Food Strategy

There is a growing public appetite for action on food issues, largely driven by crisis and media attention. In addition, a rising sentiment favours taking a more proactive approach to food that moves us beyond responses to problems and threats. For these reasons, leaders came together, through the Centre for Food in Canada, to shape a major new Canadian Food Strategy (CFS).

Following a first multi-year initiative, on March 19, 2014, The Conference Board of Canada launched its comprehensive, evidence-based, action-oriented Canadian Food Strategy to guide and stimulate short- to long-term change in food and Canada’s food system.

Developed over a four-year period, the Strategy is a shared vision for the future of food in Canada to meet Canada’s need for a coordinated action plan for change. Indeed, the CFS was developed as a comprehensive, evidence-based, action-oriented framework to guide and stimulate change in food and the food system, a framework well-received by delegates.

The CFS’s five main interrelated, but distinct, elements include healthy food and diets, food safety, industry prosperity, household food security, and environmental sustainability. (See Exhibit 1.)

Image showing the five elements of the Canadian food strategy

Within these five elements the Strategy sets out 8 goals and 62 desired outcomes and provides 110 action strategies and 400 specific actions—workable solutions (including practices, policies, programs, and tactics) to achieve the outcomes. (See Exhibit 2.)

Image showing the Canadian food strategy pyramid

These actions will be followed by a series of metrics, clear targets, and measures to track progress in implementing the Strategy and achieving the above goals and desired outcomes.

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