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Train the Brain for Leadership Success

Thursday, October 26, 2017 • The Conference Board of Canada • 255 Smyth Rd • Ottawa ON

The Niagara Institute Partnership with Myelin Leadership International (Robert Paris)

The human brain is the body’s central motor. It is the source of who we are and how we act, behave, solve problems & make decisions, communicate, lead, control our emotions, innovate and interact with others. The exciting field of neuroscience is making significant contributions to the business world and how we manage and lead others. Emerging knowledge of the brain is providing managers with practical knowledge, tools, resources and a common language that is enhancing managers’ ability to think in greater breadth and depth and rally an organization’s workforce to collaborate to solve increasingly complex problems.

The ability to harness the resources of the brains of your organization’s workers is potentially the optimal route to develop a long-term, sustainable competitive advantage. In today’s knowledge economy, it is the ability of your managers and nonsupervisory employees to work together and out-think competition to develop superior products, services, methods and processes that are the key to delivering optimal bottom line financial results.

This one-day workshop presents some of the latest findings from neuroscience in a dynamic and practical manner that will help challenge how you manage and lead others and how you and your team make important business decisions. The workshop’s focus is on presenting participants with important knowledge of the brain in a practical manner that will help them and their teams make better use of their brains to better collaborate, break existing restrictive paradigms and think in greater breadth and depth.

Participants Will Strengthen Their Ability To:

  • Apply neuroscience principles to improve management leadership capabilities
  • Change ingrained habits and grow as a leader
  • Improve performance as a coach, team leader and innovator
  • Develop the ability to think in greater breadth and depth
  • Learn a powerful way to build trust and relationships
  • Develop a common language that encourages optimal team performance

Who Should Attend?

Mid to senior level managers dealing with significant complexity.

This program has been designed and is delivered by Robert Paris (Myelin Leadership International), a lecturer at the McGill Centre for Continuing Education and the John Molson School of Business Executive Center with an Honours MBA from the University of Toronto and a Certificate in the Foundations of Neuroleadership. Robert also designed and facilitated the original global leadership training program for the renowned Cirque du Soleil and has written manuals on leadership, coaching, thinking skills and marketing planning.

Workshop Agenda


  • Learning objectives and session outline
  • Personal introductions using a modern tool supported by neuroscience

Overview of the Brain

  • Understanding the brain’s organizing principle
  • The brain, stress and emotional arousal

The Social Brain

  • Understanding the social nature of the brain
  • Understanding motivational drives linked to the brain’s social nature
  • Linking the social brain to the workplace
  • The brain’s negativity cycle

The Emotional Brain

  • Understanding the emotional nature of the brain
  • The emotional brain, trust and vulnerability
  • Building trust as a key leadership competency
  • The visual nature of the brain

The Brain & Innovation

  • Creating an organizational culture conducive to innovation
  • Learning a technique used at innovative companies to ‘unlock the brain’
  • Understanding the concept of brain dominance and whole brain thinking
  • Learning how to think in greater breadth

The Brain & Change

  • Understanding the brain’s natural resistance to change
  • Learning how to overcome the brain’s automatic ‘fight or flight’ networks to encourage employees to overcome their resistance to change and even embrace change

Wrapping Up

  • An overview of key points to remember
  • Suggested next steps

Workshop Fee

Regular Rate

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