Fast and Fresh: A Recipe for Canada’s Food Supply Chains

The Conference Board of Canada, 45 pages, July 25, 2013
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In this Centre for Food in Canada report, the Conference Board explores the underlying economics of Canada’s food supply chains and provides insights and implications for industry, policy-makers, and consumers.

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Perishable food products face unique logistical challenges. Small technological changes, infrastructure investments, or business processes can have large impacts on what food products can viably be shipped. How these changes can impact the viability of food products can be anticipated through logistics cost modelling. Understanding this approach is useful not only for businesses, but for policy-makers and even consumers.

Fast and Fresh: A Recipe for Canada’s Food Supply Chains is one of 20 research projects being undertaken as part of the Centre for Food in Canada’s endeavour to develop a Canadian Food Strategy. In it, The Conference Board of Canada explores the economics of and recent developments in Canada’s food supply chains and works through the implications for industry, policy-makers, and consumers. It also makes several recommendations for improving supply chain efficiencies.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1—Introduction

  • About This Report

Chapter 2—Understanding the Economics of Food Supply Chains

  • Making Trade-Offs
  • The Economics of Logistics: Total Logistics Cost
  • How Food Supply Chains Differ
  • Synopsis

Chapter 3—Why Should We Care About Food Supply Chains?

  • Implications for Industry—Supply Chains and Exports
  • Implications for Consumers
  • Food Transportation, Energy Consumption, and Environmental Impact
  • Synopsis

Chapter 4—Strategic Considerations for Food Companies

  • Implications: Low Hanging Fruit and Flying Fish
  • Opportunities and Threats for Canadian Producers
  • Synopsis

Chapter 5—Conclusions

  • Recommendations for Improving Supply Chain Efficiencies

Appendix A—Additional Data on Market Share of Food Product Exports by Country

Appendix B—Bibliography

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