Mission Possible: Stellar Canadian Performance in the Global Economy

The Conference Board of Canada, 144 pages, January 17, 2007
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This volume looks at the dominant forces reshaping the global economy; analyzes Canada’s slipping performance and its potential in adapting to these forces; and outlines five strategies for achieving sustainable prosperity.

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The Canadian economy ranks among the best in the world; however, we are stalling or losing ground in areas critical to our ability to compete in a rapidly changing global economy. Declining or comparatively slower growth in per capita income, productivity, exports of value-added goods and services, and innovation are indicators of our diminishing capacity to achieve sustainable prosperity in the increasingly integrated global economy. This volume of Mission Possible: Sustainable Prosperity for Canada focuses on the investments, strategies and priorities that will improve our productivity and our competitiveness. It takes a comprehensive look at the dominant forces reshaping the global economy; assesses Canada’s performance and potential in adapting to these forces; and outlines five strategies for positioning Canada to remain among the top nations. It offers a blueprint for building a new era of economic prosperity through policies and practices rooted in long-term sustainability and success.

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