Canada’s Trade With Asia: Looking Beyond Resources

The Conference Board of Canada, April 9, 2015
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Canada has benefited from Asia’s seemingly-insatiable demand for natural resources over the last decade, with coal, iron ore, and oilseeds enjoying particular success. However, while Asia is now our second largest trade relationship, Canada only captures 1 per cent of Asia’s goods imports, compared with 2 per cent 20 years ago. In addition, growth in investment and commercial services is especially poor. So what can be done to build more Canadian presence in Asia?

With the commodity supercycle drawing to a close, Canada will need to adapt its export mix to grow—or even maintain—its market share in Asia. Fortunately, there are numerous industries in Asia with rapidly growing demand for Canadian exports, offering business opportunities for growth.

  • Growth areas in the goods sector include: Vehicles & parts; pharmaceuticals; iron ore/steel; nickel; rubber; copper; lead; and niches within the food industry
  • Growth areas in the services sector include: Health; education; finance & insurance; engineering & architectural; digital services; and supply chain logistics

Join Jacqueline Palladini, Senior Economist, as she presents the findings of this new Global Commerce Centre research into Canada’s performance in Asian markets and the opportunities that exist in this fast-growing region.

Webinar Highlights

This 60-minute webinar provides business leaders, government policy-makers, international investors and others with analysis of:

  • big trade and investment trends in Asia;
  • Canada’s foreign direct investment and export focus in Asia to date;
  • Canada’s market share in Asia compared to that of competing nations;
  • steps that businesses can take to succeed in Asia, including: increase foreign direct investment in Asia, develop strong networks on the ground, and adapt products and services to Asian markets.

About Jacqueline

Photo of Jacqueline PalladiniJacqueline Palladini is a Senior Economist and contributes to research on global trade and investment as part of the Global Commerce Centre. She specializes in analyzing global trends and their impacts on Canadian businesses, industries, and regional economies. She has experience developing forecasting models and conducting custom research, including economic impact analyses.

Jacqueline joined the Conference Board in 2007 on the provincial forecasting team responsible for Ontario, British Columbia and the territories, as well as the performance of the mining and motor vehicles & parts manufacturing industries. She holds a M.A. in economics with a specialization in social statistics from McGill University and a B.Sc. with distinction from the University of Victoria.

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