Preparedness in the Private Sector: 2012 Report

The Conference Board, Inc., 28 pages, January 23, 2013
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This report is the latest in a series of reports on business preparedness and readiness to deal with natural disasters, “black swan” events, computer hacking, supply chain security, and any other possible threat of a disruption to operations. Aside from corporate security the focus of this report is resilience—the ability of an organization to bounce back quickly and with agility from an unforeseen circumstance.

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Preparedness in the Private Sector presents some of the key findings of The Conference Board survey of 281 executives from companies in a variety of industries on how they approach resilience. The 2012 survey is the fifth edition in a series of surveys on business preparedness that The Conference Board began conducting in 2007 as part of a project with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Many companies have increased their focus on how to achieve resilience, but while they continue to concentrate on the traditional elements of business continuity over which they have direct control, they have paid much less attention to the issues over which they have less control but that are just as important to achieving resilience. These issues include coordination with government and private sector organizations that provide essential services, improving the flexiblity of supply chains, and improving the ability of employees to recover from a disaster.

Table of Contents


Key Findings and Implications

From Security to Resilience

  • Few Companies Are Truly Resilient
  • It Takes a Village: Community Resilience
  • Coordinating Resilience Planning
  • Lack of Budget for Joint Planning

Safeguarding the Extended Enterprise: Supply Chain Resilience

  • Challenges Posed by Complex Supply Chains
  • Suppliers’ Level of Resilience

The Human Element: Workforce Resilience

  • The Mobile Workforce
  • Building Resilience Skills
  • The Personal Dimension

Building a Resilient Culture: Governance and Organizational Structure

Culture Is Critical

Methodology for Resilience Scores

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