Leadership Outlook: Leadership Perspectives from the Middle

The Conference Board of Canada, May 25, 2017
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Perceptions of organizational leadership have changed and the disparity between middle managers and senior organizational leaders has never been greater. Senior leaders are in positions of influence. They have the power to inspire and motivate their workforce, positively affect change, and enhance overall organizational performance. Nowhere within organizations is this ability more critical than at the middle management level. Our research suggests that not only do organizations need to be focused on leadership, but senior leaders need to be cognizant of how they relate and ultimately impact their middle managers.

Join The Conference Board of Canada’s Colin Hall as he dives deep into the results of the Conference Board’s Leadership research.

This 60-minute webinar will explore recent findings from The Conference Board of Canada’s Leadership Outlook: Leadership Perspectives from the Middle.

Webinar Highlights

Key findings will include:

  • The importance of middle management and senior leadership alignment is a key indicator of the high performance and effectiveness of organizations.
  • Demonstrating how The Conference Board of Canada’s Leadership Performance Index (or LDPI) can play a pivotal role in bridging the gap and re-aligning leadership perceptions between middle managers and senior leaders.
  • Three of the five drivers of The LDPI have been shown to be key contributors in influencing middle manager leadership priorities and perceptions.
  • Alignment of middle manager and senior leader perspectives translates into considerable gains in competitive organizational performance outcomes.

About Colin

Photo of Colin HallColin Hall is an Associate Director with The Conference Board of Canada’s Organizational Performance Division. Since joining the Board in 2012, Colin has been responsible for overseeing two iterations of the Conference Board’s Learning and Development Outlook publication, which tracks trends in workplace learning and development practice within Canadian Organizations. Colin has also authored several highly successful Conference Board research reports including The Leadership Outlook – Leadership Driving Organizational Performance, and The Learning Performance Index: Profiling Strong and Dynamic Learning Environments.

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