A Roadmap to Sustainable Supply Chain Standards: Decoding Progress, Challenges, and Best Practices

The Conference Board, Inc., 49 pages, July 26, 2017
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This report is a resource for understanding how sustainable supply chain standards and codes of conduct are evolving, and how companies can adapt to increasing demands for global transparency and accountability.

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Global value chains and the increasing international fragmentation of production processes have changed the structure of global trade. At the same time, the pressure for global companies to build supply chains with full traceability and accountability for social and environmental impact continues to build. How companies respond and the actions they take to understand and act upon the challenges presented by globalized production and supply chains will not only shape the marketplace but also affect their own long-term survival. This report benchmarks the current practices of large multinational corporations (MNCs), develops insights, and provides practical steps for staying at the forefront of good practice.

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