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Why Saskatchewan?

Opportunities Abound—But So Do Risks

The world wants what Saskatchewan produces. Demand for products from the mining, agriculture, and energy sectors is climbing. The economy thrives on Saskatchewan’s combination of natural resources and strong human capital. Saskatchewan’s challenge is to seize economic opportunities while also recognizing that fast-paced growth has implications for human capital development, environmental sustainability, housing, transportation, and other infrastructure planning and development, as well as for education, health care, and social supports.

Saskatchewan’s Challenge

Saskatchewan needs to be prepared. Across the full spectrum of its resources—human and natural—it will be critical for Saskatchewan to benefit from skilful analysis of the issues, robust forecasts of trends and resourcing needs, and sound advice regarding investment options.

People and Places

Saskatchewan has people and places needing investment. An aging workforce and changing labour markets make it imperative to attract new talent. Immigration will be an important part of the solution. So, too, must be Saskatchewan’s growing and underutilized Aboriginal population. Investments are also needed in the physical environment, in everything from sustainable agriculture and adaptations to climate change to water management.

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