Italian Debt Crisis Has Come Back to Life Blog
Italy plunged into crisis when the 5 Star and League parties formed a national government.

Metropolitan Resale Snapshot: June 2018 Index
Stress test continues to weigh on markets, but stability beckons.

Provincial Outlook Report
Weaker economic growth is forecast for all provinces in 2018.

The Quick Take Insights
On-the-spot analysis on key developments involving and impacting the Canadian economy.

Organizational Performance 

Call for Participants Survey
Our 2019 Compensation Planning Outlook survey is now in the field. Participants receive a complimentary copy.

Making Your Business Accessible for People with Disabilities Report
Download the guide for small businesses.

Perks at Work Report
Employers are offering perks to their employees to supplement typical compensation and benefits packages.

Evidence-Based HR Report
Benchmark of Canadian organizations’ use of HR analytics.

Public Policy

The Evolving Terror Toolkit Blog
Tools and tactics used by terrorists and extremists has changed greatly in 30 years.

Trade Turmoil Ahead For Canada Blog
Trump’s tax and trade agenda will impose long-term pain on America and its trading partners.

Defining the Insider Threat Blog
A concerningly low number of organizations have an internal definition of insider threat.

Physiotherapy and an Aging Canadian Population Report
The number of Canadian seniors who will access physiotherapy services is forecast to more than double by 2035.


Silhouettes of people standing in front of a globe

What are the benefits of international trade for Canada and the world? Find out in our new infographic.


Drawing of people being pulled up by a magnet

This infographic provides an overview of strategies being used by Canadian organizations to attract and retain top talent that go beyond traditional compensation and benefits.


Adam Fiser speaking

Adam Fiser discusses the significant and rapid changes to the Arctic before the Special Senate Committee on the Arctic.


Leading Indicator of Industry Profitability
May 2018, CBoC

Employment, Canada
May 2018, CANSIM

Consumer Confidence
May 2018, CBoC

Leadership Development

The Directors College
Canada’s gold standard in board director education, leading to a McMaster University designation.

The Niagara Institute
High-impact leadership development solutions for individuals, teams, and organizations.

Courses and Workshops

Delivering first class learning opportunities such as courses and workshops for business and government professionals to develop new skills, improve their job performance, and advance their careers.

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