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Green Trade


Canadian Green Trade and Value Chains: Defining the Opportunities report coverCanadian Green Trade and Value Chains: Defining the Opportunities

Published August 2017

This briefing suggests that there is a large business opportunity waiting in the international green trade market. Actively engaging in green trade would allow Canadian firms, and society as a whole, to capture the benefits of both the green economy and of international trade and investment. A steady low-carbon transition and the formation of a lower-carbon domestic economy could allow Canadian clean tech and other firms to gain a first-mover advantage. Firms and their many suppliers would be able to reach customers around the world for sales of their “green and clean” products and services. This would also enable the firms to grow to an optimal operating scale, and Canadian “green buyers” would have access to the best available products and services. The briefing also considers the key issues influencing green trade, where it fits within the broad trade policy context, and the constraints on the green trade market. It concludes with some proposed research topics to start the process.

Briefing coverClean Trade: Global Opportunities in Climate-Friendly Technologies

July 11, 2017

This briefing identifies the opportunity for Canada to enhance its global commerce by exporting climate-friendly technologies, such as renewable energy, energy-efficiency technologies, and waste management products.

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Canada’s Clean Trade Strengths