Canadian Outlook with the Chief Economist–Autumn 2012

The Conference Board of Canada, November 7, 2012
Recorded Webinar
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You need to know where the economy is headed and how your business plans will be affected. It’s that simple. And The Conference Board of Canada can help you make better decisions with expert economic information.  The Canadian Outlook with the Chief Economist is a webinar with Glen Hodgson, the Conference Board’s Chief Economist.

Webinar Highlights

The Canadian Outlook with the Chief Economist Webinar is a 60-minute session where Glen Hodgson provides highlights from the Board’s most recent Canadian forecast, and the U.S. and world outlook. The webinar gives you access to expert interpretation of the national forecast into 2013, including all the key indicators. Take advantage of this opportunity to hear the outlook for the economy in Canada.  Glen will explain the many factors that are driving economic change.

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