Coaching in a Character Culture

The Conference Board of Canada, May 29, 2018 at 11:00 AM EDT
Live Webinar
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What is meant by the leader as coach? What does character have to do with this? Why is this issue so critical in 2018? Join Kathleen Redmond for a 60-minute webinar that will explore the concepts behind coaching in a character culture.

Webinar Highlights

This webinar will describe the ins and outs of how coaching can contribute to the creation of a safe, engaged, and effective workplace. During this session Kathleen will explore the following concepts:

  • The significance and power of the leader as coach,
  • What character means in the workplace,
  • The characteristics of a healthy, effective workplace,
  • The importance character culture in 2018,
  • How to coach individuals and teams more effectively,
  • How to measure your impact as a coach.

Participants will receive a job aid that describes the Coaching in a Character Culture approach and a copy of Kathleen's latest book, Coaching in a Character Culture, for Purpose, Potential and Performance.

About Kathleen

Kathleen RedmondKathleen Redmond, MA, MCC, is a certified Executive Coach (International Coaching Federation), trainer, author, instructor of the University of Guelph's MA Leadership Program, and an Associate of The Niagara Institute. Kathleen supports leaders in developing healthy, engaging, and performance-driven cultures. She focuses on the character and skill requirements to inspire teams, increase engagement, and produce results. Kathleen Redmond is the author of Building a Character Culture for Trust and Results in the Workplace and Communicating in a Character Culture with Tact, Integrity and Courage in the Workplace. She has combined an easy reading short story format (the La Maison du Parc series) with an excellent learning experience, along with the evidence to back it up.

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