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State, Impact, and Future of PSE Business Education in Canada

Below is a link to a survey for representatives of organizations that potentially employ graduates of business education programs.

This survey is directed at employers and industry leaders to find out about their expectations and perceptions of business education in Canada. While many of the questions ask about the experience of employers who have hired graduates of business education programs, it also provides an opportunity for those who have not hired such graduates to provide insights into why this is the case.

The survey asks for some  information about your organization and its sector; the kinds of skills and knowledge that you need and hope that graduates can bring to your organization; the extent that graduates do have the necessary skills and knowledge after graduating; and what other collaborations besides hiring graduates your organization may have with post-secondary institutions that provide business education.

For more information, you can also see our commentary on some of the issues covered in the project.

When the report is published, we will provide you with free access to it using the contact information you provide in the survey.


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