Beyond Benefit Webinar: Absence and Disability Management

The Conference Board of Canada, August 12, 2010
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Beyond Benefit Webinar: Absence and Disability Management, is a 60-minute webinar that will discuss the casual absence/sick leave provisions and practices, as well as short- and long-term disability program coverage in Canadian workplaces.

Webinar Highlights

Absence management isn't just a program; it's a corporate philosophy about getting the most out of your employees and making sure they are healthy and motivated to come to work. Absence management represents the various aspects of time off programs available for employees to use. And managing those absences is becoming more complex for employers especially in today's climate.

In this webinar Karla Thorpe, Associate Director of the Compensation and Industrial Relations Research Centre, along with Lisa Hughes, Senior Research Associate, will provide details of the 2010 research report Beyond Benefits II: Disability Plans and Absence Management in Canadian Workplaces in the areas of tracking employee absenteeism, the cost and productivity implications and the steps that organizations can take to better manage their programs. Hear about actual lessons learned from HR practitioners. And get your questions on absenteeism management the table. The webinar will also delve deeper into the report statistics – providing information on specific industries and their absenteeism rates.

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