Food Traceability Webinar

The Conference Board of Canada, November 26, 2012
Recorded Webinar
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Forging Stronger Links: Traceability and the Canadian Food Supply Chain was published earlier this month. This report analyses food traceability system issues and examines the costs and benefits of traceability for the different participants in the food supply system. The Food Traceability Webinar is a 45-minute webinar with Alison Howard, one of the report authors, that brings you the story behind the report numbers.

Webinar Highlights

The Food Traceability Webinar reviews the report highlights, including potential solutions such as:

  • Mandating minimum traceability requirements so that suppliers can trace their products and ingredients one step forward and one step back
  • Making traceability systems universal and comprehensive
  • Developing traceability systems to be compatible, so that information about food products can be communicated quickly and easily throughout the supply chain and with government authorities in the event of a food safety problem

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