Walking the Silk Road—A Webinar on Canada’s Changing Trade Patterns

The Conference Board of Canada, February 21, 2013
Recorded Webinar
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Walking the Silk Road: Understanding Canada’s Changing Trade Patterns was published in December 2012.

This webinar with Michael Burt, report author, explores the changes to Canada’s trading patterns and the wide array of factors affecting them.

Webinar Highlights

Walking the Silk Road—A Webinar on Canada’s Changing Trade Patterns delves into the 20-page report. You will hear why Canada has had a “two gear” trade model in recent years, with little growth in trade occurring with the U.S. while it has surged to the rest of the world. As well, you will discover why Canada’s trade is not just experiencing a case of “Dutch Disease”.

This webinar explores the policy implications that emerge from this report:

  • Focusing on the strong dollar as the cause of our trade performance is a red herring
  • Canadian businesses are increasingly focused on high growth markets like China, Brazil and India, so should Canada’s trade negotiations
  • Our trade strengths are changing and policies need to change with them

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