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Diversity and Inclusion 2017: The Power of Inclusion Dec 11–12, 2017 Toronto

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Monday, December 11, 2017

8:00 AM Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:30 AM Welcome, Opening Remarks, and Blessing
Kaminsky <br />  
Conference Chair:
President and CEO
Global LK
Wilson Danard <br />  
Blessing by:
Anishinaabe Traditional Knowledge Practitioner & Life Promotion Ambassador
Union Star Consulting Life Teachings Lodge
8:50 AM Plenary Session 1
Confronting Our Biases; Walking Toward Reconciliation

The Honourable Senator Murray Sinclair served the justice system in Manitoba for over 25 years. He was the first Aboriginal Judge appointed in Manitoba and Canada’s second.

He served as Co-Chair of the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry in Manitoba and as Chief Commissioner of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). As head of the TRC, he participated in hundreds of hearings across Canada, culminating in the issuance of the TRC’s report in 2015. He also oversaw an active multi-million dollar fundraising program to support various TRC events and activities, and to allow survivors to travel to attend TRC events.

Senator Sinclair has been very active within his profession and his community and has won numerous awards, including the National Aboriginal Achievement Award, the Manitoba Bar Association’s Equality Award (2001) and its Distinguished Service Award (2016) and has received Honorary Doctorates from 8 Canadian universities.

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Knafelc <br />  
Introduction by:
Executive Vice-President and Chief Sustainability Officer
Nutrien Ltd.
Sinclair <br />  
Former Chair
Indian Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission
9:30 AM Plenary Session 2
We Need to Talk!—Part 1

Conversations about taboo topics happen at work every day. And if they aren't handled effectively, they can become polarizing and divisive, impacting productivity, engagement, retention, teamwork, and even employees' sense of safety in the workplace.

In this interactive session, Mary-Frances Winters will guide a conversation on how to deal with sensitive subjects in a way that brings people together instead of driving them apart. She will provide insights on the role culture plays in shaping people's perceptions, habits, and communication styles and share tips on how to structure delicate conversations.

Preparation is crucial—but so is intent! Winters advises you to "come from your heart, learn from your mistakes, and continue to contribute to making this a more inclusive world for all."

Winters <br />  
President and Chief Executive Officer
The Winters Group, Inc.
10:10 AM Networking and Refreshment Break
10:30 AM Plenary Session 2 Continued
We Need to Talk!—Part 2

Mary-Frances Winters will conclude her session after the break.

Winters <br />  
President and Chief Executive Officer
The Winters Group, Inc.
11:15 AM Plenary Session 3
How Inclusive are You? Results from the Conference Board of Canada's 2017 Benchmarking Study

Hot off the press! Conference delegates will be the first to hear the results of a comprehensive study looking at how D&I is managed and integrated into organizational practices of Canadian enterprises.

Delegates receive a complimentary copy of the report with their registration.

Wright <br />  
Director, Human Resources and Inclusive Talent Management Research
The Conference Board of Canada
12:00 PM Networking Luncheon
1:00 PM Keynote Luncheon Address

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Shugart <br />  
Managing Director and Global Head, Corporate Banking and Global Credit
RBC Capital Markets
1:30 PM Special Presentation
The Peril, Power, and Potential of the ADHD Mindset at Work

It's been said adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD, end up running the boardroom or working as a janitor-wildly successful or struggling in life. Sometimes bouncing between the two. While ADHD/ADD in children is well recognized and addressed, 4 of 5 adults with this mindset remain undiagnosed, struggling against an invisible foe. This is a huge waste of human potential. In this Ted-talk style presentation, writer, producer and comedian, Rick Green will share his own journey from unaware to advocate. Along the way he'll draw upon the latest scientific understanding of this unique mindset, offer tips and insights for employers, and examples on where these creative, outside-the-box thinkers can soar. "ADHD is very situational. In the right situation we can be world beaters. Just ask Sir Richard Branson."

Green <br />  
Writer, Producer, and Comedian
2:00 PM Plenary Session 4
Panel and Delegate Dialogue: What Distinguishes an Inclusive Workplace Culture?

Reflecting on conference proceedings and their own personal and professional journeys, our panelists will share some of the strategies, challenges, and opportunities that they have experienced in the different industries and regions that they represent. Delegates will have an opportunity to break into discussion groups and delve into some of the topics raised.

Kaminsky <br />  
President and CEO
Global LK
Herman <br />  
Head, Inclusion and Innovation
Charles <br />  
Executive Director, Centre for Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion
York University
Jalla <br />  
Chief, Diversity and Inclusion Officer
BAE Systems Inc.
Bellegarde <br />  
Director, Diversity & Inclusion
3:10 PM Networking and Refreshment Break
3:30 PM Plenary Session 5
Inclusion, Leadership, and Inspiring Great Performance

Great leaders move organizations to extraordinary accomplishments. They are able to inspire, mobilize and leverage the best efforts of all. Better still, high-level performance is sustainable. This is because inspiration is rooted in values and a leaders' ability to engage everyone in the mission and purpose of the enterprise. This cannot happen if one of the principal values, if not the central value, embedded into mission and purpose, is not "inclusion." How does this operationalize into intentional, inclusive behaviours and practices for a CEO? For a D&I professional who leads from the middle; for an individual contributor who lends passion and energy to the D&I Council? It boils down to the fundamentals of inclusion. Heighten your understanding of the essence of inclusion as it manifests in behaviour. Be inspired and energized as Steve Hanamura, blind from birth, shares a vision that has propelled him to extraordinary accomplishments and has enabled him to help many of North America's leading organization pursue an inclusive path to greatness.

Hanamura <br />  
Hanamura Consulting Inc
4:30 PM Closing Remarks from the Chair
Kaminsky <br />  
President and CEO
Global LK
5:00 PM Day 1 Adjourns
6:15 PM Optional Dinner at O.Noir Restaurant

Join your colleagues at our networking dinner at O.NOIR restaurant to "dine in the dark". You'll have the opportunity to experience food, drinks, and conversation as never before—without the use of sight!

Dinner is an additional cost of $60 per person and includes a 2 course meal including wine, taxes, and gratuity.

O.NOIR Restaurant
620 Church Street
Toronto, ON M4Y 2G2

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

8:15 AM Continental Breakfast
8:45 AM Opening Remarks from the Chair
Kaminsky <br />  
President and CEO
Global LK
9:00 AM Plenary Session 6
The Power and the Value of Inclusion

At PwC, diversity and inclusion is an integral part of its business, people and client strategy. Its Canadian CEO, Chief Inclusion Officer and Senior Partner Bill McFarland believes the strength of its business comes from the diversity of its people, and the ideas and experiences they bring. During this session, Bill shares his perspective on why diversity and inclusion are vital to a company's culture and economic prosperity. He will also share his thoughts on the value of mentoring and sponsorship, and the role of today's leaders to accelerate progress on gender parity goals across corporate Canada.

McFarland <br />  
Canadian Chief Executive Officer and Senior Partner
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
9:30 AM Plenary Session 7
Measuring D&I With a Global Lens: How to be Best in Class

This interactive session is designed for a broad audience—anyone interested in putting best practices to work in their organization. The session will first explain what benchmarking is, from a global perspective, and will then provide examples of successful benchmarking tools and how and why they were developed - covering the Global D&I Benchmarks (GDIB), as well as other benchmarks. The session will then explore the D&I current state of companies in attendance and how they measure up to global best practices, using the GDIB across a wide range of categories. Ensuring a systemic approach to D&I, this session will provide planning and strategic insights and tools. Canada specifically will be benchmarked in a global context. The session will conclude with tips and lessons learned from large global benchmarking initiatives and best practices.

Richter <br />  
QED Consulting
White <br />  
McLeod White and Associates
10:40 AM Networking and Refreshment Break
11:00 AM Plenary Session 8
The Elephant in the Board Room—Challenges for the LGBT2SQ+ Community in the Workplace

Glass closets and lavender ceilings are hindering performance of LGBT2SQ+ employees. While significant progress has been made, many LGBT2SQ+ people still worry that revealing their sexuality/gender identity at work will have negative consequences.

It's no surprise, conceivably, that businesses have been edging around the LGBT2SQ+ question, rendering it "the elephant in the room". There are limited 'out' role models to validate that members of the LGBT2SQ+ community even exist in workforce.

What can businesses do to support LGBT2SQ+ employees? Muhammad Ahsan, from Rainbow Resource Centre, is helping businesses in Manitoba transform their policies, practices, and culture to be more diverse and inclusive. Muhammad uses his personal experience of being a visible and religious minority, as well as his sexuality and identity privilege of being male identified. He leverages his own lived experience as a teaching moment to combat xenophobia, racism, sexism, islamophobia, and LGBTphobia at the workplace, and uses it as teaching moment for businesses to open doors for respectful dialogue on LGBT2SQ+ inclusion. In this session, hear about the challenges LGBT2SQ+ people face in the workplace. How can businesses better support their LGBT2SQ+ workforce? What needs to change within businesses to create an inclusive environment?

Ahsan <br />  
Education Program Coordinator
Rainbow Resource Centre
11:45 AM Plenary Session 9
I Thrived in Canada—After Fifty Years, Why Do I Feel Vulnerable?

Sheema Khan is a Patent Agent by day in a thriving career; and by avocation, a community leader and columnist who provides perspective on the immigrant and Muslim experience. As she wrote in her Globe & Mail column, through the 50 years since she arrived in Canada as a toddler,she has fully engaged and thrived as a Muslim woman. She writes in her column—"I never felt any discrimination, any sense of being second-class." However, in recent years the political and social tenor has changed. Today she feels vulnerable and fearful that her children will not have the opportunities that she did.

Are our workplaces being affected by the kinds of tensions we are seeing in the world today? Places of employment are microcosms of society at large. As corporate leaders, we set the tone and mirror the culture. It is imperative that we uphold the kinds of Canadian values that help a little country punch above its weight in the world. Hear some very enlightening and valuable perspective from Sheema as she applies the lessons of a social activist to the world of work. You will take away hope, purpose and a few ideas on how to be a difference maker in your organization.

Khan <br />  
Globe and Mail Columnist and
Community Leader
12:30 PM Closing Remarks from the Chair
Kaminsky <br />  
President and CEO
Global LK
12:40 PM Conference Adjourns


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