Fix: Break the Addiction That’s Killing Brands

The Conference Board of Canada, April 13, 2017
Recorded Webinar
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The advertising industry has changed and will never be the same. The way in which brands need to communicate with their audience has evolved, partly due to a more sophisticated consumer and partly because current marketing tools, techniques and strategies are yielding less than optimal results.

While conventional wisdom has driven ad agencies to focus on digital marketing and web design, Chris Kneeland, CEO of one of North America’s leading marketing agencies Cult Collective, argues that these activities are becoming less relevant as time goes on.

During this 60-minute session, Chris will provide an overview of what needs to happen for consumers to turn from transactional customers to engaged apostles.

This webinar is part of a 3 part series called Nudge, Persuasion, and Influence: How Emergent Marketing Activities are Impacting How we Decide, What we Buy, and Who we Vote For. Contact us to register for all 3 webinars!

Webinar Highlights

Participate in this webinar and you will:

  • Learn how to move from “nudge” to “pull”
  • Understand how advertising is evolving to stay ahead of consumer sophistication
  • Appreciate how marketing tools exploit the needs of consumers
  • Consider how brands need to evolve to engage their market rather than trying to trick people to purchase their product or service
  • Identify when brands are being holistic in their outreach to engage consumers

About Chris

Photo of Chris KneelandChris Kneeland is Cult Collective's CEO. His overriding professional passion involves helping brands reimagine new ways of engaging consumers. In particular, he’s committed to helping clients embrace six marketing principles he’s discovered while working with and studying the most iconic, “cult-like” brands on the planet. As he is fond of saying, “Any business can get customers. Great brands have cult followers.”

Chris has held marketing positions at John Deere and The Home Depot. He was also Head of Retail Marketing at RAPP in Dallas TX. He has consulted extensively for brands like Harley Davidson, Canadian Tire, Mark’s, Zappos, Best Buy, SuperValu Grocery Stores, and Michael's Arts & Crafts. Throughout his career he has lobbied for customer advocacy over awareness, and brand engagement over entertainment.

Chris' expertise at multi-channel marketing solutions, particularly in regards to customer relationship management, employee engagement, inbound marketing and loyalty marketing, helps clients not only get customers to buy, but to buy in.

Chris is a frequent speaker at SouthbySouthwest, CDX, Global Shop, and The Gathering (which he co-founded with his business partner, Ryan Gill). He holds a Masters of Marketing Communications from Northwestern University and a BA from Brigham Young University.

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