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Our Land, Our Future: National Summit on Indigenous Youth and Natural Resource Development

Tuesday November 21 - Wednesday November 22 2017 Grey Eagle Resort and Casino Calgary, Alberta

Conference Overview

Relationships between industry, government and Indigenous peoples lie at the heart of Canada’s natural resource sector. Each holds a powerful position with unique rights and responsibilities. Yet, all parties rely on the others to fully achieve their long-term aspirations and objectives. Canada’s future prosperity depends on these groups building respectful, collaborative and mutually-beneficial relationships so that each can become a stronger, more supportive partner for the others. A collaborative, mutually-beneficial approach is also critical to ensuring sustainable, environmentally responsible development.

Building a stronger, more collaborative and equitable natural resources sector in Canada.

While many organizations have embraced and supported this call to action, many critical challenges persist. One such challenge is the effective and meaningful engagement of Indigenous youth. It is imperative that we address this challenge because:

  • Indigenous youth are the fastest growing population segment in Canada
  • many Indigenous youth will soon be entering leadership positions with ever-increasing legal and political authority over the lands and resources within their traditional territories
  • very little is currently known about the unique needs, interests, aspirations, or perspectives of Indigenous youth related to lands and resource development
  • failure to proactively address emerging issues will expose Canada’s resource sector to increased uncertainty and economic risk over the coming decades
  • a significant impediment to a collaborative, mutually-beneficial approach to resource development in Canada is the lack of understanding on the part of industry organizations and Indigenous youth about each other’s interests, needs, and challenges
  • effectively engaging with Indigenous youth will help to ensure they receive meaningful outcomes from resource development alongside industry, and that their interests and concerns are genuinely addressed within Canada’s 21st century resource economy

It is for these reasons that the Conference Board of Canada will host this important national Summit. This first-of-its-kind event will bring the perspectives, needs and aspirations of Indigenous youth to the forefront of Canada’s discourse on sustainable natural resource development. It will provide a safe, inclusive and constructive space in which public and private sector representatives as well as Indigenous youth and leaders can candidly share their interests and priorities, with the intent of furthering shared understandings.

Gain practical insights from Indigenous youth and leaders as well as the public and private sectors. 

Through a series of keynote speakers, panel discussions and facilitated breakout sessions, you will be better prepared to work effectively and collaboratively with Canada’s next generation of resource sector leaders and decision-makers. This Summit will address some of the most pressing issues around the effective and meaningful engagement of Indigenous youth by:

  • identifying emerging issues and priorities within Indigenous communities surrounding natural resource development
  • highlighting the challenges and opportunities facing resource sector proponents and regulators
  • exploring the relationships between community, identity and culture, the natural world, and resource development
  • sharing best practices for engaging Indigenous youth within the natural resource sector
  • improving understandings of Aboriginal and treaty rights, Free Prior and Informed Consent, and the Duty to Consult and Accommodate
  • developing strategies for building respectful, collaborative relationships within the natural resource sector

Join us November 21 & 22 as we work to explore and bridge gaps in understanding the interests, needs and challenges among all stakeholders in Canada’s natural resource sector. At this event, you will have the opportunity to learn from, and network with, industry, government, Indigenous leaders, and Indigenous youth in a setting like has never existed in Canada until now. By attending this inaugural Summit, you will gain a variety of insights on how you can become a stronger, more supportive partner in this sector.

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The details of this event are subject to change. Please revisit this page periodically for updated information.

Full Agenda Available!

The full agenda for this event is now available.

Featured Speakers

 Photo of Chad Day Chad Day
Tahltan Central Government
 Photo of Kluane Adamek Kluane Adamek
Our Voices
 Photo of Alicia Dubois  Alicia Dubois
Market Vice-President, Indigenous Banking
CIBC Investor Services
Photo of Mitchell Case  Mitchell Case
Métis Nation of Ontario Youth Council
Photo of
            Dr. Ken S. Coates Dr. Ken S. Coates
Research Chair in Regional Innovation
U of Saskatchewan

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