From Knowledge to Innovation: Building Canada's Competitiveness Through Knowledge Management

The Conference Board of Canada, September 21, 2016
Recorded Webinar
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Many organizations struggle with innovation, but could it be that they’re just missing a few important steps? For many years, Canada has been shown to have difficulty translating investments in research and development, which produces world class knowledge, into globally competitive firms. So what are the missing pieces? How could organizations translate their knowledge into innovation? Why is it important? What role does knowledge management play in modern organizations and how does it relate to technology, collaboration, and driving value from innovation?

Join us for this 60 minute session, where Paul Preston will demystify knowledge management and innovation, drawing on recent research findings from our recent studies Driving Knowledge Management for Innovation and How Canada Performs: Report Card on Innovation. Paul will also share findings from the Conference Board's Knowledge Management 2016 Conference, where experts from across the country revealed the critical need to more effectively manage, and extend the value from, the knowledge we have in Canadian organizations.

Webinar Highlights

Don’t miss this chance to learn about the critical nature of knowledge management as a management discipline, and its potential to unlock the value of technology investments, collaboration, and the critical role it plays in driving innovation. Paul will outline leading practices from several Canadian organizations that are attempting to access the full potential of human capital, offering participants a menu of possible strategies to implement.

About Paul

Photo of Paul Preston

Paul Preston is responsible for leading the Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Practice of the Conference Board of Canada, which includes a portfolio of research projects and executive networks/councils, including the Council for Innovation and Commercialization, CIO Council, Council for IT Executives, and Council for Information and Knowledge Management. His particular knowledge focus is in the areas of innovation and commercialization, building an innovation ecosystem, ICT adoption, information technology management, and knowledge management.

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