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Why the Conference Board?

Working closely with key partners in Saskatchewan, The Conference Board of Canada has expertise and insights to share that differ from those of any other organization currently at work in Saskatchewan.

The Conference Board of Canada conducts independent, balanced, and rigorous analysis of economic trends, organizational performance, and public policy issues. The Board draws on its multidisciplinary team, as well as on external expertise, to carry out in-depth research that takes a countrywide array of stakeholders' perspectives into account.

The Conference Board will conduct a range of economic forecasts specific to the province. It will also carry out targeted economic impact assessments of emerging industry, policy, and strategy options to spur further research and dialogue. We aim to make our research action oriented, resulting in recommendations for strategic change and policy enhancements. The Conference Board of Canada has a long tradition of conducting such analysis and communicating results to leaders.

Our goal is for the Saskatchewan Institute to contribute to a shared vision of sustainable prosperity and a clear path toward continued economic growth for the province.

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