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Indigenous Recruitment and Retention Strategies

Indigenous people in remote and Northern communities face a variety of challenges in finding meaningful, long-term employment. At the same time, employers from industry, public sector organizations, small and medium sized enterprises and Indigenous development corporations often struggle to recruit and retain local employees. The Conference Board of Canada’s Centre for the North is conducting a unique study in an effort to understand these challenges and to determine potential solutions for employers, Indigenous employees and job candidates.

To undertake this examination, the project will:  

  • Study the reasons why Indigenous people continue to have difficulty finding meaningful employment; 
  • Explore the reasons why employers in remote communities have difficulty recruiting and retaining Indigenous employees; 
  • Qualitatively and, where possible, quantitatively assess the costs and benefits of hiring Indigenous employees; 
  • Present case studies that highlight innovative and successful programs designed to improve the recruitment and retention of Indigenous people; 
  • Outline general principles and key drivers of successful recruitment and retention programs as well as training, skills development, and worker readiness programs;
  • Deliver recommendations and action items for employers and training/skills development/worker preparedness organizations that wish to design new initiatives or improve on existing initiatives. 

A survey will be used to supplement additional research methods and analysis. The findings from the survey will be integrated into a final report that will identify effective and successful strategies, as well as actionable steps, to assist organizations in designing their own recruitment, retention and job readiness policies and programs. The final report will be published in April 2018.

To access the survey, please click here.

PLEASE NOTE: In addition to organizations with Northern and remote operations, we are also open to responses from organizations that do not have operations or mandates in Canada’s Northern and remote regions. 

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