Leadership Sustainability with Dave Ulrich

The Conference Board of Canada, April 30, 2013
Recorded Webinar
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Join us for Leadership Sustainability with Dave Ulrich and hear a proven, powerful model that guarantees leadership success today, tomorrow—and well into the future.  This 60-minute recording with Business Week’s “#1 Management Educator and Guru” focuses on making your leadership efforts stick. Dave Ulrich says that “the ultimate test of HR and leadership is value created, or build on your strengths that strengthen others.

Webinar Highlights

In his latest book, Leadership Sustainability, Dave Ulrich shares his insights on what managers need to do to transform good intentions – taking personal responsibility to ensure that you do what you say you will do. Leadership sustainability is a lasting and durable commitment to personal change. This session will help you sustain the changes you need to make in order to become a stronger and more effective and inspiring leader.

During the webinar, Dave discusses 7 factors for how leaders can sustain what they intend:

  • Simplicity—focusing on a few key actions and behaviours that have the highest impact.
  • Time—making sure that your aspirations show up in your calendar.
  • Accountable—ensuring you are accountable for making your changes happen.
  • Resources—properly resourcing the ability to sustain change.
  • Tracking—measuring your progress.
  • Meliorate—continually learning and growing and improving.
  • Emotion—bring personal emotion and passion to your work.

About Dave:

photo of David Weiss

Dave Ulrich is a Professor of Business at the University of Michigan and a partner at the RBL Group, a consulting firm focused on helping organizations and leaders deliver value. He studies how organizations build capabilities of speed, learning, collaboration, accountability, talent, and leadership through leveraging human resources. He has helped generate award winning data bases that assess alignment between strategies, human resource practices and HR competencies. Dave has published over 200 articles and book chapters and over 25 books. Selected by Fast Company as one of the 10 most innovative and creative leaders, named the most influential person in HR by HR Magazine for four years, and ranked by Forbes as one of the top five business coaches in the world, Dave Ulrich is an expert when it comes to human resources.

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