The Science of Employee Engagement: An Evidence-Based Perspective

The Conference Board of Canada, August 10, 2016
Recorded Webinar
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Maximizing employee engagement is a top priority for organizations today, as the war for talent continues to intensify. If you try to conduct a Google search on the topic, you get anywhere from 2-5 million entries. This can leave individuals and organizations frustrated as to where to begin to address this challenge.

Join us for The Science of Employee Engagement: An Evidenced-Based Perspective, a special one-hour session with Dr. Craig Dowden, PhD, Peak Performance Coach, Author and Speaker. This presentation will provide an overview of the evidence surrounding the most effective strategies to maximize employee engagement.

Using classic and cutting-edge research, this 60-minute talk will look at the scientifically supported motivators of human performance and will provide ideas and tips that can be applied to the workplace. Rather than be proscriptive, Craig will provide a framework which each participant can reference to develop and introduce empirically-supported activities and initiatives within their respective areas. Whether leading a small team or a large division, participants will leave with many valuable ideas to transform their workplace.

Webinar Highlights

In this session, Craig will explore:

  • What is the state of engagement within organizations?
  • Show me the money? The role of financial incentives
  • The power of progress
  • The importance of focusing on the positive
  • How engagement starts with a why

About Craig

Photo of Craig DowdenCraig Dowden is a Certified Positive Psychology Coach and has a Doctorate in Psychology, with a concentration in Business. An engaging and inspiring coach, Craig partners with leaders and executives from diverse industries and sectors to work on their most important challenges. In his role as a trusted advisor, Craig integrates the latest findings in the science of leadership, team, and organizational excellence into his coaching and consulting work. He supports senior executives to assess, develop, and engage their talent. In particular, he works with individuals, teams, and organizations to unlock the science of peak performance. Craig shares his thought leadership through articles in leading HR and business publications, including Huffington Post, Financial Post, and Psychology Today.

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