Bridging the Gaps: Voices From the Private Sector on Counter-Terrorism

The Conference Board of Canada, 61 pages, March 28, 2014
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This report examines the role of the private sector in countering terrorism and the forces that discourage or prevent some organizations from actively participating in these measures.

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The private sector is the backbone of the Canadian economy and a significant player in the global market. As the owners and operators of most of Canada’s critical infrastructure, the private sector should play a vital role in countering terrorism. While some organizations are very heavily involved in this effort, there is still some lack of awareness on counter-terrorism issues within the private sector.

Through a literature review, a survey of security professionals, and focused workshops, the Conference Board’s research developed a more comprehensive picture of the forces that discourage or prevent some private sector organizations from actively participating in counter-terrorism measures.

This report offers a way forward to help bridge current gaps between the private and public sectors and increase Canada’s resilience.  Information-sharing and facilitation of public-private collaboration are key to increasing the private sector’s level of participation in counter-terrorism efforts.

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