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Agenda and Speakers

Canadian Immigration Summit 2018: Strengthening Our Economy & Settlement ProgramMay 30–31, 2018 Ottawa

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

7:45 AM Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:30 AM Welcoming Remarks from the Summit Chair
El-Assal <br />  
Senior Research Associate and Senior Network Manager, Immigration
The Conference Board of Canada
8:45 AM Plenary Session 1
The National Outlook

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada will provide an update of its recent achievements and current priorities.

9:30 AM Plenary Session 2
Immigration in the Age of Automation

Technological disruption is greatly impacting labour markets around the world and Canada is no exception. How might technological innovation and the changing nature of work affect Canada's need for immigrants in the 21st century?

10:15 AM Networking Break
10:45 AM Plenary Session 3
Strengthening Our Settlement Program

Improving the settlement program is one of Canada's top immigration system priorities today. Public and settlement sector speakers will explore three questions. First, how can the relationship between their sectors be strengthened as they strive toward shared objectives? Second, how can we balance financial accountability with the flexibility needed to meet local settlement needs? Third, how can we better measure settlement outcomes using a blend of quantitative and qualitative metrics?

12:15 PM Luncheon and Keynote Presentation

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1:30 PM Concurrent Sessions-Set A
(please select one session)
1:30 PM Concurrent Session A1
Funding Our Settlement Program

Continuing from Plenary 3, speakers will evaluate what reforms could be made to settlement program funding. How can it become more stable and predictable to allow settlement providers to focus more on serving immigrants rather than making ends meet? How can we incentivize collaboration rather than competition amongst service providers? How can we encourage service providers to diversify their sources of funding so that they do not have to depend upon public sector funding for survival?

1:30 PM Concurrent Session A2
Creating Jobs and Growth

Provinces and territories across Canada are seeking to benefit from the human, social, and financial capital of immigrant entrepreneurs. Speakers will discuss the performances of immigrant entrepreneur programs within their jurisdictions and how they are looking to foster improvements.

1:30 PM Concurrent Session A3
Fair Access to Regulated Professions

Canada's governments and regulatory bodies have made significant reforms to improve access to regulated professions for immigrants. Speakers will highlight successful cases and what other sectors can do to ensure both rigorous and fair licensing practices.

1:30 PM Concurrent Session A4
Attraction and Retention in Small Communities

Canada has seen a more equitable distribution of immigrants across the country since the launch of the Provincial Nominee Program in 1998. But encouraging immigrants and international students to settle in smaller cities and rural communities remains a challenge. Speakers will share good practices and innovations that seek to encourage attraction and retention in smaller locales.

2:30 PM Refreshment Break
2:45 PM Plenary Session 4
The PNP at 20

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the Provincial Nominee Program. Public and private sector speakers will share their perspectives on the PNP including its successes, challenges, and where to take it from here.

4:00 PM Plenary Session 5
Making an Impact

2018 also marks the 40th anniversary of the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program. Jim Estill has used the program to welcome 58 Syrian refugee families to Canada. He will explain why he made this decision, the results so far, and how the program can be improved.

Estill <br />  
President and Chief Executive Officer
Danby Appliances
5:00 PM Networking Reception

Enjoy a scenic view of Ottawa as you network with hundreds of delegates from across Canada.

6:30 PM Day 1 Adjourns

Thursday, May 31, 2018

7:45 AM Continental Breakfast
8:30 AM Plenary Session 6
The Diversity Dividend

Diversity is a huge advantage for Canada's economy. But making the most of Canada's diverse labour force remains challenging due to the employment barriers that immigrants commonly face, as well as discrimination, biases, and unique challenges experienced by immigrant women. This session will offer recommendations on how the public and private sectors can tackle these challenges so that Canada can fully reap the diversity dividend.

9:15 AM Plenary Session 7
Going for the Gold

While its immigration system is viewed as an exemplar, Canada can learn a lot from what peer nations are doing to lure global talent to their shores. Speakers from Australia and the United States will discuss immigration and temporary foreign worker policies that aim to attract the 'best and the brightest' to their countries. What can these three federal states (and competitors) learn from one another?

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Crawford <br />  
Fragomen (Canada) Co.
10:30 AM Networking Break
11:00 AM Plenary Session 8
The Atlantic Immigration Imperative

Immigration is a major part of the solution to strengthening Atlantic Canada's demographic, economic, fiscal, and political standing. Speakers from the public, private, and settlement sectors will discuss what more can be done to boost immigration and economic development in the region.

12:15 PM Networking Luncheon
1:30 PM Concurrent Sessions-Set B
(please select one session)
1:30 PM Concurrent Session B1
Measuring Success

Canada has one of the world's most sophisticated settlement programs but defining success remains somewhat elusive. Performance evaluations tend to focus on quantitative metrics such as the number of clients served. Building on the recommendations made in Plenary 3, speakers will propose suggestions on how Canada can more effectively measure settlement results through a mix of quantitative and qualitative performance metrics.

1:30 PM Concurrent Session B2
Social Innovation for Economic Integration

Stakeholders in big and small communities across Canada are coming together to improve the economic integration of newcomers including international students through social innovations. Speakers will share their experiences and recommendations on how the public and private sectors can harness their expertise to develop practical solutions for newcomers.

1:30 PM Concurrent Session B3
How I Made It

Settling and integrating in Canada is an uphill battle but the overwhelming majority of immigrants go on to become successful. Speakers in this session will share their success stories and offer advice on how Canada can improve its settlement and integration efforts.

1:30 PM Concurrent Session B4
Quebec's Immigration System at 50

In 1968, Quebec became the first province in Canada to establish its own immigration department as it sought to preserve its Francophone character and demographic weight within the country. Today, Quebec has the most unique immigration system amongst all of Canada's provinces and territories. Speakers will analyze the effectiveness of Quebec's approach to selecting and settling newcomers, what other jurisdictions can learn from the province, and how Quebec can achieve its immigration objectives moving forward.

2:30 PM Plenary Session 9
Express Entry Perspectives

The launch of Express Entry in January 2015 significantly altered Canada's immigrant selection landscape. Three years later, speakers from the public and private sectors will weigh in with their thoughts on Express Entry's performance to date and how it can be improved. For instance, how can we strengthen employer engagement?

4:00 PM Summit Adjourns


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