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Health Policy

The division of Health Policy conducts independent and timely policy research with the aim of advancing Canada’s health care system. We focus on how health care outcomes and system performance can be improved through the commercialization of innovative products and services, through comprehensive evaluation and measurement, and through structural reorganization.

Our clients include governments, industry, academia, professional associations, and other non-governmental organizations. Our projects range from topical briefings on current events to multi-year, mixed-methods investigations and assessment of major policy initiatives and emerging trends.

We have expertise in health policy, innovation and digital technology, delivery models, primary care, value-based health care, sustainability, health and wellness, and more.


Spring 2018 Meetings

March 26, 2018 (joint with CASHC)
Centre for the Future of Health, Toronto, ON.

March 26, 2018 (joint with CFH)
Canadian Alliance for Sustainable Health Care, Toronto, ON.

May 2018
Council for Healthy Living (CHL) Fall Event, Ottawa

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Spring 2018 Conferences

Healthy Canada Conference 2017: Access to Affordable Medicines
April 26 – 27, 2017
Location: Toronto, ON (Old Mill Toronto)

Value-Based Procurement and Innovation 2017: Opportunities for Improving Canada's Health Care
Date: May 29–30, 2017 
Location: Vancouver, BC (The Westin Bayshore Vancouver)

Past Events 2017-16

December 5–6, 2016
CHL Members Meeting and Networking Dinner
Ottawa, ON
Theme: Healthy Aging and Seniors: Strengthening Quality of Life

November 28–29, 2016
CFH Members Meeting and Networking Dinner
Toronto, ON
Theme: The Future of Home and Community Care: Innovation in Design, Delivery, and Support

October 25–26, 2016
CIP Members Meeting and Networking Dinner
Ottawa, ON
Theme: Measuring Value Within Value-Based Procurement in Health Care

September 7, 2016
Value of Physician Assistants: Understanding the Role of Physician Assistants Within Health Systems

June 7–8, 2016
CFH Members Meeting and Networking Dinner
Ottawa, ON
Theme: Funding Mechanisms to Promote the Development and Adoption of Innovative Health Practices and Technologies: Enhancing Health Outcomes

April 26, 2016
The Power of Virtual Care: Moving the Patient to the Centre

April 7, 2016
CIP Members Meeting and Networking Dinner
Toronto, ON
Theme: Managing Change Towards Value-Based Procurement—Leading the Way

February 11, 2016
The Future of Canada’s Health Care Supply Chain: Value–Based Procurement


Walkability Pays: The Financial Benefits of Healthy Communities

October 18, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. EST
Dr. Lawrence D. Frank will present new and exciting modeling tools developed by Urban Design 4 Health to support healthy communities in land use and transportation decision-making. It will review why health should be addressed in scenario planning; highlight several tools explicitly built to predict how investing in walkable neighbourhoods would support active transportation and resulting decreases in obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular rates; and present current examples of monetized health benefits from plans that support active transportation.

The Power of Virtual Care: Moving the Patient to the Centre

April 26, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. EST
In this webinar, Dr. Trevor Jamieson will discuss the concept of the patient as the care hub. He will also discuss the role of the Women’s College Institute for Health Systems Solutions and Virtual Care (WIHV) in this system transformation. Dr. Jamieson will explore how all stakeholders—patient, clinician, innovator, institution, industry player or other catalyst—can help this patient-centric vision of health powered by virtual care to become a reality.

The Future of Canada’s Health Care Supply Chain: Value-Based Procurement

February 11, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. EST
Join Dr. Gabriela Prada as she explores value-based procurement, and explains how the model represents a shift from traditional procurement approaches that focused on cost-containment, and instead seeks value beyond cost minimization.

Recent Research

Image of briefing coverValue of Physician Assistants: Understanding the Role of Physician Assistants Within Health Systems
The first in a series, this report aims to set the stage and act as a backgrounder to better understand the role of physician assistants within health care systems.

Image of report coverBehavioural Economics and Health: Nudging Toward a Culture of Wellness
This report explores “nudging,” a new, cost-effective policy tool than can be used to modify behaviours that cause disease or undermine our well-being, thereby improving quality of life and the sustainability of health care systems.

Image of report coverInnovation Procurement for Medical Devices: Driving Health System Improvement
This report emerged out of the December 2013 International Roundtable on Reframing the Role of Innovation Procurement for Medical Devices as a Key Enabler of Health System Improvement.

Hot Topics in Health

Five Good Ideas about shifting the culture of accessibility in the non-profit sector

  • Alf Spencer
| Dec 15, 2017

Millennials with Disabilities: A Large, Invisible Talent Cohort with Innovative Potential

  • Sylvia Ann Hewlett
| Dec 08, 2017

Leveraging Community Partners to Connect Employers and Job Seekers

  • Brad Spencer
| Mar 14, 2016
I’m Brad Spencer, Executive Director with PATH Employment Services, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities get jobs. Chances are there is an organization like mine providing employment placement services for people with disabilities in your community.

Obstacles Become Allies: Managing With Disability Sharpens Trouble-Shooting Traits

  • Anna-Karina Tabuñar
| Feb 26, 2016
On February 2, 2016, The Conference Board of Canada was pleased to host the Toronto debut of a new documentary film, Talent Untapped, by Ottawa journalist Anna-Karina Tabunar. The film explores the journey of highly talented individuals with a range of disabilities as they navigate their own personal challenges and achievements.

The Process to Develop an Individual Accommodation Plan

  • Laura McKeen
| Jan 20, 2016
As of January 2016, businesses and private sector organizations across Ontario with more than 50 employees are required to develop a written process for developing documented individual accommodation plans (IAPs) for employees with disabilities.

Welcoming People With Disabilities Into Our Corporate Communities Is a Win-Win

  • Ruth Wright
| Dec 21, 2015
Ontario’s new standard requiring large private sector employers to make their workplaces and employment processes more accessible for people with disabilities will come into effect on January 1, 2016.

Centre for the Future of Health Meetings

Join us on March 26th in Toronto -- Integrating for Outcomes: Scaling Digital Technologies within the Health Care System! 

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