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Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Institute

A Business Imperative

Over the next decade, the Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability (CR&S) Institute will become the foremost independent science and sustainability-based knowledge organization fostering Canadian corporate responsibility and sustainability leadership.

Shaping the Business Model: Our Framework for the New Thinking

The Institute offers independent research and thought leadership that supports:

  • collaboration
  • knowledge transfer
  • innovation
  • monitoring
  • evaluation of contemporary corporate responsibility and sustainability issues

Our collaborative program of research, education, information dissemination, and engagement accelerates and scales next-generation practices in CR&S in Canada.

Raging forest fires, devastating earthquakes, and rapidly diminishing glaciers occur much too frequently today. Global megatrends—such as rapid urbanization, demographic and social change, and climate change—are evolving too rapidly. All of these events indicate that the way we live and do business must change dramatically. Only those organizations that recognize global mega-trends and plan for a changing world will be the market leaders of the future.

Now is the time to take action alongside other leaders. Together we can acknowledge, understand, and address these megatrends with more strength.

CRS Brochure

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Contact Us

If you have any questions about the Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Institute, please contact:

Sally Crane
Sr Research Assoc, Corp Responsibility, Sustainability and Stakeholder Relation

Wendy Mitchell
Director, Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations