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Agenda and Speakers

Public Sector Social Media 2017Oct 30–31, 2017 Ottawa

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Monday, October 30, 2017

7:45 AM Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:15 AM Opening Remarks from the Chair
Kabilan <br />  
Director, National Security and Strategic Foresight
The Conference Board of Canada
8:30 AM Plenary Session 1
Adapting and Evolving Your Social Media Strategy to Meet Changing Communication and Engagement Needs

Despite becoming mainstream, the pace of change in social media has not slowed down in recent years—nor does it look likely to slow any time soon. This change has many dimensions that challenge social media practitioners.

This session will discuss how social media has evolved, the challenges it has solved and how practitioners continue to update their strategy. Issues for discussion include:

  • the overall shift from text, to image, to video
  • new platforms and their potential—both positive and negative
  • changing rules and formats for established platforms
  • developing demographics as new generations engage in social
  • increasing concerns around fake news, cyberbullying and the dark side of social

Panellists will include social media practitioners from a range of organizations sharing their ideas and experiences.

Kabilan <br />  
Director, National Security and Strategic Foresight
The Conference Board of Canada
Lanthier-Seymour <br />  
Director, Public Information & Media Relations
City of Ottawa
Amyot <br />  
Social Media Director
True Dot Design
Brown <br />  
Social Media Strategist
9:30 AM Plenary Session 2
Digital Literacy in the Post-Truth Era: What Catfishers Can Teach Us About Fake News

For the past decade, Dr. Alec Couros' photos have been used by professional catfishers to defraud hundreds of victims on every major social network and dating site. Despite his tireless personal efforts to raise awareness about this growing concern, social network providers seem content to ignore the problem as it grows in scale and sophistication.

In this presentation, Dr. Couros will describe the problem of romance scams through the compelling narrative of his own experiences. Throughout, he will draw parallels to the current fake news epidemic in order to better understand the lessons that these complex issues can teach us about digital literacy in a post-truth era.

Couros <br />  
Associate Professor, Educational Technology & Media, Faculty of Education
University of Regina
10:15 AM Networking Break
10:45 AM Plenary Session 3
#BETHENEXTCDNASTRO: A Social Media Campaign

Canada is recruiting two astronauts. This is the story of the role social media is playing in the campaign.

The process kicked off with a press conference broadcast on Facebook Live with live tweeting and the promotion of a recruitment webpage. Physical collateral included an astronaut cut out, a poster and videos from active astronauts. Use was also made of infographics, quizzes, and targeted messaging. And William Shatner!

You will hear how all this was achieved with zero budget and how this one campaign served to recruit our next astronauts while also highlighting STEM related careers and inspiring young people to consider this path.

Bélanger <br />  
Communication Advisor, Digital Content and Social Media
Canadian Space Agency
11:30 AM Plenary Session 4
Charter 35 - Social Media in Action

This session will feature the example of social media use by Justice Canada to engage and communicate with citizens.

It can be difficult enough to spark a conversation over the noise of Twitter's daily trends. But how about a conversation over 35 days? Could it be done? Over the course of a month, the Department of Justice did just that-rising above the clamour to engage Canadians, stoking a discussion from an ember to a flame. Learn how the strategy leveraged a number of tactics to mark the 35th anniversary of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and led to audiences sharing what the document means to them.

MacKay <br />  
Communications Advisor, Web Writing and Performance Measurement
Department of Justice Canada
Zwierzchowska <br />  
Communications Advisor, Creative Services and New Media
Department of Justice Canada
12:15 PM Networking Luncheon
1:15 PM Plenary Session 5
Social Media Supporting Strategy: How Social Media Can Help Create Community, Raise Awareness, and Deliver Great Customer Experience

In this session, you will hear how Toronto Public Library (TPL) has used social media to better connect with the citizens of the city to remain relevant in an age of almost universal personal access to information.

This is also a story of how the written word remains alive and well in the age of apps, the internet and instant connection. With 100 branches TPL is the busiest urban public library in the world and it continues to successfully address the challenges of a rapidly changing communications environment.

This session will address issues such as how to:

  • use social media to improve community relations
  • explore and evaluate new platforms such as Snapchat
  • link social to an overall content strategy
  • begin to involve a wider range of staff in social media
  • measure results

Ho <br />  
Senior Online Communications & Engagement Lead
Toronto Public Library
2:00 PM Plenary Session 6
Building Trust and Authority in an Age of Fake News—A Conversation with Facebook's Kevin Chan

Few developments in social media have garnered more attention than the issue of fake news. Through Brexit to the elections in the US and France the public has been subjected to an increasing volume of false stories posing as real news.

Whether distributed maliciously, intentionally or accidentally, few doubt that this development corrodes informed, civil public debate of important issues.

Earlier in the day, we heard the effect this development can have on an individual. For this session, we will revisit the topic but instead explore the broader societal implications. We will discuss what large social platforms, such as Facebook, can do, and also the responsibilities of ordinary citizens when it comes to social literacy.

Chan <br />  
Head of Public Policy, Canada
Facebook and Instagram Canada
Kabilan <br />  
Director, National Security and Strategic Foresight
The Conference Board of Canada
2:45 PM Refreshment Break
3:00 PM Plenary Session 7
Creating Internal Awareness, Developing Competencies and Integrating Messaging

With social media now effectively ubiquitous, many organizations are looking to expand their social media outreach from communications professionals to a broader cross section of employees.

In this session, Anne MacLachlan will discuss some of the systems that Ontario Parks have put in place to educate field staff and management so as to involve the whole organization in social media initiatives.

Related to the expansion of social media use, Anne will also share Ontario Parks' experience in coordinating not just the corporate channels but over 100 satellite accounts from individual parks—a challenge familiar to many in this field.

MacLachlan <br />  
Social Media Coordinator
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
3:45 PM Closing Remarks from the Chair
Kabilan <br />  
Director, National Security and Strategic Foresight
The Conference Board of Canada
4:00 PM Day 1 Adjourns

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

8:00 AM Continental Breakfast
8:30 AM Opening Remarks from the Chair
Kabilan <br />  
Director, National Security and Strategic Foresight
The Conference Board of Canada
8:45 AM Plenary Session 8
Harnessing the Power of Twitter in the Canadian Public Sector

In a constantly changing social media landscape, Twitter has grown to become perhaps the most influential platform. And it has held that status despite a steady stream of newcomers promising to transform the social media landscape only to fade from the scene.

In this day two opening, Jennifer Hollett will discuss the growth and transformation of Twitter over the years and highlight useful and valuable applications that she has seen in Canada and elsewhere and provide her perspective on how she sees the social media developing in the future.

Hollett <br />  
News Partnerships
Twitter Canada
9:30 AM Plenary Session 9
Fake News, Polarisation, and Mainstreamed Extremism Online: Challenges and Responses

The challenge of fake news and misinformation online has been propelled into the public eye in the course of the last year. Fake news can influence elections and cause public panics; it can reduce social cohesion and even lead to offline violence. Yet the challenge of fake news hasn’t come out of nowhere. It has come to thrive in an increasingly polarised, challenging online space—a space still in its relative infancy, which has nevertheless come to dominate our social and political lives • and one which governments have yet to grapple with successfully. In this presentation, I will describe the challenge of fake news, how it ties into polarisation and mainstreamed extremism in the online space, and what governments can do to respond to these issues.

Reynolds <br />  
Policy and Research Coordinator
Institute of Strategic Dialogue
10:00 AM Refreshment Break
10:15 AM Plenary Session 10
Social Media and The Smart City: Using Social to Capture Ideas and Create Community for the Cities of Tomorrow

This session will examine social media use in the context of data collection and citizen engagement at the municipal level.

People increasingly want a say in developments that affect them and nowhere is this truer than at the municipal level—witness for example the controversies of transit planning in cities across Canada.

Lee-Michael will discuss the essential aspects of engaging citizens, gaining their input, responding to their concerns and presenting data in a way that is meaningful to them. He will share some examples of his work including the recent Armstrong Street, rezoning in Ottawa, and explore how the lessons learned can inform communications via social media for other cities and other levels of government.

Pronko <br />  
11:00 AM Plenary Session 11
Social Media in Action—LinkedIn

The event will conclude with a session featuring the example of social media use by the public sector and an overview of successful use of the LinkedIn platform to engage and communicate with citizens

Using examples from Canada Revenue Agency, Elections Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Finance Jennifer Urbanski will explore what factors determine high levels of participation and engagement on social media.

Urbanski <br />  
Account Executive
LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
12:00 PM Closing Remarks from the Chair
Kabilan <br />  
Director, National Security and Strategic Foresight
The Conference Board of Canada
12:15 PM Conference Adjourns

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