Metropolitan Resale Snapshot: May 2018 Index
Mortgage stress test prompts widespread market cooling.

Index of Business Confidence Report
Business confidence falls as leaders become more pessimistic about the economy.

Territorial Outlook Report
New mines to breathe new life into Nunavut and Yukon economies.

The Quick Take Insights
On-the-spot analysis on key developments involving and impacting the Canadian economy.

Organizational Performance 

Perks at Work Report
Employers are offering perks to their employees to supplement typical compensation and benefits packages.

Evidence-Based HR Report
Benchmark of Canadian organizations' use of HR analytics.

Absence and Disability Management Report
Canadian employers are preparing for increases in employee medical leaves.

Business Case for Accessible Work Environments Report
Accessible places allow people with physical disabilities to participate fully in the workforce.

Public Policy

Justice Services in Remote First Nations Communities Report
Victims of domestic violence are at a considerable disadvantage.

Rising Cost of Climate Change Op-ed
Policy debate need to recognize that there is a cost to doing little or nothing to curb emissions.

MS In the Workplace Report
Access to financial support programs for people with multiple sclerosis (MS) would lead to economic and social benefits.

Blockchain and Canadian Government Services Briefing
Blockchain has potential to improve government services and transparency.


Sabrina Bond (right) being interviewed

Economist Sabrina Bond discusses Canada’s rising inflation on CBC’s On the Money. (May 18)


Paul Preston (right) being interviewed by Peter Armstrong (left)

Paul Preston joined CBC’s On the Money to discuss Canada’s C grade on our latest innovation report card. (May 14)


A collection of perscription pills

The Conference Board of Canada’s Canadian Alliance for Sustainable Health Care is launching the National Pharmacare Initiative to inform and support potential approaches to ensuring universal access to pharmacare for Canadians.

Leadership Development

The Directors College
Canada’s gold standard in board director education, leading to a McMaster University designation.

The Niagara Institute
High-impact leadership development solutions for individuals, teams, and organizations.

Courses and Workshops

Delivering first class learning opportunities such as courses and workshops for business and government professionals to develop new skills, improve their job performance, and advance their careers.

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