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Foundational Themes

The Saskatchewan Institute will publish research anchored in its foundational themes. The Institute's Advisory Group will help the Conference Board prioritize studies among crossing-cutting themes.

Foundational and Cross-Cutting Themes

Developing People

The foundational theme of developing people addresses key concerns that have implications for many dimensions of Saskatchewan's economy.

  • Acute labour shortages in key sectors (such as construction and information technology) could significantly hamper the development and operation of a series of major projects. Employment and business capability gaps in Aboriginal communities need to be closed.
  • Addressing such issues as housing, education, health care, and immigration will be instrumental in positioning Saskatchewan to attract internationally mobile executives, as well as workers for every industry.
  • Unprecedented turnover in the labour force and challenges of knowledge transfer require strategic approaches to training and other investments in talent.

Managing Growth

Accurate economic forecasts are essential to good planning and managing growth.

  • What is the fiscal outlook for Saskatchewan?
  • What are the fiscal conditions that best support strong growth?
  • How best can firms and governments attract new capital?
  • How will regulation evolve in the future? And how will that evolution affect the competition?
  • Does a strong Canadian dollar work for or against Saskatchewan?
  • What infrastructure investments should be top priorities for Saskatchewan?
  • How can Saskatchewan best respond to increasing competitive pressures from global firms in low-cost markets with cheaper operating models?

Assessing Key Sectors

A growing economy will place challenges on a variety of sectors. As some sectors expand rapidly, others will struggle to keep up or to transform. Governments, industries, and communities will have to work together to help manage growth and the demands it will place on key leading sectors, supporting sectors, and transforming sectors. Proposed sectors for priority attention include:

  • housing;
  • construction;
  • education;
  • health care;
  • information technology;
  • energy; and
  • environment.

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