5 Steps to Turn Your Business Into an Innovation Machine

The Conference Board of Canada, August 25, 2015
Recorded Webinar
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Everyone talks about innovation but what have truly innovative companies done to achieve a culture of innovation? To become successful, it is necessary to identify innovation leaders, creative geniuses, and innovation champions within a business. The trend today is towards small teams—in order for these teams to be effective, it is necessary to select the right people with the right skills. Learn how to identify these team players. Learn the skill set a leader needs to have to foster innovation.

Learn how to establish culture metrics to monitor your success and focus efforts on implementing the following steps to turn your business into an innovation machine:

  1. Complexity and Risk
  2. Speed
  3. Leadership
  4. Engagement
  5. Tools

Webinar Highlights

This webinar will provide a self-assessment to gauge you readiness, along with what questions a leader needs to ask the organization to implement a culture of innovation. Case studies will be presented to demonstrate how companies address the five key areas to achieve a culture of innovation. This webinar will cover what successful firms do to pick a strategy, decide what information to gather, anticipate customer needs, and learn how to assess the market. Brian will share tools and strategies for success. Gain insights into the following innovative practices and tools:

  • Agile development and the lean start up practices
  • Innovation networks
  • Collaborative Design
  • Social tools
  • Virtual tools
  • Effective collaboration

About Brian

Brian Cookson, Managing Director of RDP Associates Inc., has specialized in assisting companies obtain innovation funding and manage innovation for over twenty five years. He has worked with small to large companies, in all types of industries. Brian has lectured and written extensively on R&D tax relief, government grants and innovation management. He is a Chartered Accountant and previously worked for Ernst & Young. RDP was established in Canada in 1987 and has since grown internationally, with offices in London and Chicago. RDP continues to add value to clients and offers training and consulting in lean innovation, innovation strategy, and innovation management process implementation.

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