HR in 2013: The Best, The Middle, and the Top

The Conference Board of Canada, May 22, 2013
Recorded Webinar
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The Conference Board of Canada is pleased to present The Talent Company in a webinar that looks at their new HR Pulse—a study designed to help leading business and HR professionals gain a better, more current view of today’s HR landscape.

HR in 2013: The Best, the Middle, and the Top is a 60-minute session where Simon Parkin and Brian Boudreau share insights from a recent survey of over 500 HR practitioners and business leaders in Canada and abroad. Their presentation and the related discussion centres on three key questions:
  • The Best—what are the companies with best-in-class departments doing differently?
  • The Middle—what lessons should we learn from “troubled” middle-sized departments?
  • The Top—why is leadership development languishing everywhere?

Webinar Highlights

The Talent Company launched the HR Pulse study in 2012. For this initiative, The Talent Company partnered with market research consultancy, InnovationCuration (IC!) to help gather insights. Individuals invited to participate in the survey included business executives with experience working closely with employee issues, and human resources practitioners whose roles are closely related to employee topics, trends and subject matter.

The perspective provided on leadership issues by both HR professionals and business leaders themselves is unique in recent HR research. As is the pairing of Parkin, a lifetime HR professional from The Talent Company and Boudreau, a seasoned market researcher/insights generator from InnovationCuration.

Many organizations struggle to understand whether the challenges they experience in acquiring, managing and developing their people only affects their company, or the industry as a whole. The HR Pulse webinar provides answers to these common questions and a foundation for dialogue that enables leaders to address real issues with real data.

About Simon

photo of Simon ParkinSimon Parkin is the Practice Leader for HR and Talent Solutions at The Talent Company, a management consulting firm that specializes in human resources solutions and enables organizations to achieve superior business results through the strategic acquisition, management and elevation of talent.

About Brian

photo of Brian BoudreauBrian Boudreau is the Principal at InnovationCuration, a market research firm that specializes in identifying and socializing insights on customers to orient and inspire value-creating strategy and tactics.


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