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The Compensation Research Centre conducts in-depth research studies and publishes independent reports on topics relevant to our stakeholders. Research projects are designed to build upon current knowledge and to provide new insights into key issues and challenges faced in Canada. The research informs the members of our executive networks, leaders in Canada, and the public at large.

Recent Publications

Compensation Planning Outlook 2018 Preview

(September 2017, 6 pages)
In 2018, the overall average increase for non-unionized employees is projected to be 2.4 per cent—2.0 per cent in the public sector and 2.5 per cent in the private sector.

The Juggling Act: Balancing Work and Eldercare in Canada

(August 2017, 29 pages)
This briefing examines eldercare trends and issues in Canada, highlights the ways in which eldercare obligations affect employees and employers, and presents a range of accommodation solutions and best practices for implementation.


Industrial Relations Outlook 2017

(December 2016, 74 pages)

What lies ahead for industrial relations in 2017? What issues will unions and management prioritize? Find out what the experts anticipate, and how the economic climate will affect negotiations.


New to the Workforce: Compensating and Developing Recent-Graduate and Student Employees

(May 2017, 48 pages)
Organizations are looking to attract top young talent into entry-level roles. This briefing explores salaries and hourly wages for new graduate and student-level employees, and discusses some key considerations for organizations looking to attract, develop, and retain new graduate employees.


What's Your Plan? Retirement Savings and Pension Plans in Canadian Organizations

(February 2017, 25 pages)

This briefing uses data from a Conference Board of Canada survey conducted in the summer of 2016 to explore the prevalence of different types of retirement savings and pension plans, employer and employee contribution rates, and plan costs.


Out of Office: Paid and Unpaid Leaves in Canadian Organizations

(October 2016, 59 pages)
Out of the Office summarizes data on various types of leaves. The briefing is based on results from The Conference Board of Canada’s Compensation Planning Outlook 2016 survey of 370 predominantly large- and medium-sized organizations.

Upcoming Research

  • Compensation Outlook 2018


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