Canada’s Motor Vehicle Industry Report
Declining demand from U.S. consumers is raising questions about the industry’s future.

Metropolitan Resale Snapshot Report
Sales picked up in December, with transactions increasing in 20 of 28 cities.

Canadian Outlook Bulletin Report
The Canadian economy delivered stellar growth in 2017, but will slow significantly in 2018.

Travel Markets Outlook Report
Canada 150 and a low dollar lead to international visits of over 23 million in 2017.

Organizational Performance 

The Role of Business in Society Blog
BlackRock’s CEO is re-defining the role of business in society.

Updating our Knowledge of Insider Threats Blog
How can organizations protect themselves against the changing nature of insider threats?

Wellness Initiatives in Canada Report
Just one-third of Canadian organizations are taking a formal approach to workplace wellness.

Corporate Culture 2018 Event
For many organizations, large and small, public and private, culture is at the top of the agenda.

Public Policy

Innovation Lessons From Israel Blog
Israel’s world-class innovation provides important lessons for Canada.

Cracking Down on Tax Havens Blog
Cracking down on offshore tax havens is much more difficult than it appears.

Understanding the Gap Report
Over 4 million Canadians do not take advantage of prescription drug plans available to them.

Addressing Youth Mental Health in Canada Report
Reducing barriers to treatment for mental illness could lead to significant long-term benefits.


Pedro Antunes being interviewed

Pedro Antunes joined CTV News to discuss the reasons behind The Bank of Canada’s interest rate hike and what it means for Canadians. (January 17)


Read about what is ahead for the Canadian economy in 2018, workplace wellness trends, the outlook for Canada's lumber industry and more in the January Insights newsletter.


Craig Alexander being interviewed

Craig Alexander (left) joined BNN’s Greg Bonnell to discuss why NAFTA uncertainty is a risk to the Bank of Canada's economic view. (January 9)


Leading Indicator of Industry Profitability
Dec 2017, CBoC

Consumer Confidence
Dec 2017, CBoC

Employment, Canada
Oct 2017, CANSIM

Leadership Development

The Directors College
Canada’s gold standard in board director education, leading to a McMaster University designation.

The Niagara Institute
High-impact leadership development solutions for individuals, teams, and organizations.

Courses and Workshops

Delivering first class learning opportunities such as courses and workshops for business and government professionals to develop new skills, improve their job performance, and advance their careers.

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