25 Truths about Resilience & Well-Being: Insights from the 2017 Resilience & Well-Being Conference

The Conference Board, Inc., 14 pages, November 15, 2017
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Resilience—the ability to recover quickly from negative events—correlates with personal health and business success. In today’s stressful business environment, resilience tools can prevent burnout and aid focus.

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Resilience is more than a buzzword. The ability to recover quickly from negative events correlates with lower pain levels, higher satisfaction in work, enthusiasm, and success. And in today’s volatile world, where businesses are pushing employees to produce more with less, resilient brains in healthy bodies help insulate workers from fatigue, burnout, and a crippling lack of focus. The best initiatives offer a choice of resilience and well-being tools and easy access, and they are supported by a stigma-free culture.

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