Not If but When: Preparing for Incidents with Cyber Breach Coaching

The Conference Board of Canada, January 25, 2018
Recorded Webinar
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In today’s cyber-centered landscape, it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” a breach will occur. And with the social contract of trust and transparency between customers and organizations being vitally important, organizations must invest in ensuring they prevent, identify and recover from breaches when they occur.

In this 60 minute session, Scott Pidduck, Canadian Cyber Portfolio Manager, guides you through the emerging Cyber Insurance market specifically focusing on the “Breach Coach”.

Webinar Highlights

Scott provides insight and ideas on what a Breach Coach can do for your business, how they help manage the Cyber Event from start to finish and most importantly how to choose the right one for your operation. Participants will get to participate in an open forum Q&A to ask Scott any questions from his experience of underwriting both Canadian and Global companies for Cyber as well as his experience from handling Cyber events and his knowledge of current trends in the Cyber market.

About Scott

Scott Pidduck Scott Pidduck, Professional Lines & Cyber Lead, QBE. With over 11 years experience, Scott has gained extensive knowledge of the Professional Liability and Cyber risks facing businesses from both a Canadian and Global perspective. During this time, Scott has developed, built and established QBE as a key carrier in the market with respect to Cyber Liability risks. Scott sits on a number of Global Cyber Panels for both internal and external groups with respect to group risk aggregation, global conference panel chair, and supporting a number of councils with educational seminars around Cyber and Professional liability.

Prior to working at QBE, Scott worked for a large US Insurance carrier and has the benefit of understanding both the US and UK views on the business of insurance specific to Cyber. At both companies Scott has been part of Leadership development programs gaining extensive knowledge and insight around Underwriting, Management skills, Actuarial and Product Development.

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