Industrial Relations Outlook Webinar

The Conference Board of Canada, March 7, 2013
Recorded Webinar
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We are pleased to present The Industrial Relations Outlook Webinar—a webinar that showcases the research findings and brings the report to life.  Come away with the insights you need to deal with today’s rapidly changing environment. This session included a detailed presentation by report author David Shepherdson and introductory remarks from the Conference Board’s Director of Leadership and Human Resources Research, Karla Thorpe.

Webinar Highlights

The Industrial Relations Outlook Webinar is a 45-minute session that is intended to inform labour, management and policy-makers with a comprehensive overview of the issues that may influence labour relations and collective bargaining in Canada over the coming year.

Find out about management issues, labour issues, and issues of mutual interest including:

  • Where the Canadian economy is heading
  • What prospects lie ahead for private sector and government spending and revenue capacity over the long-term
  • What expectations management and unions will be bringing to upcoming collective bargaining
  • Whether we will see pragmatism or rhetoric at the bargaining table

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