25 Truths about Performance Management: Insights from The Performance Management Conference

The Conference Board, Inc., 20 pages, February 15, 2018
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Performance management and change management are closely linked. Companies are revamping their programs to be more agile and more closely match entrepreneurial ways of working.

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Performance management is constantly evolving to match changes in how companies do business, meet the needs of millennials, and accommodate the gig economy. While organizations agree that continuous conversations, having employees drive their own performance, and aligning the performance management system to business processes, business goals, and corporate values are beneficial, they are still unsure about whether to keep performance ratings, calibration meetings, and goal setting. They are also still figuring out the best way to use technology, apps, and online tools. A number of companies have figured out how to differentiate pay without ratings by divvying up bonus pools for team performance.

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