Innovation by Design: Lessons from MIT

The Conference Board of Canada, November 20, 2014
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Innovation is first and foremost a creative process. At its essence, innovation is the creation of something new that adds value.

The Conference Board of Canada recently ran a study tour at MIT to learn about their innovation process. They discovered that MIT places much value in the collaboration of perspectives, ideas, and viewpoints. This meeting of diverse viewpoints generates what some label “creative friction”.

This 60-minute recorded webinar with Sarah Dimick, Senior Research Associate at The Conference Board of Canada, reviews the lessons learned about the innovation process at MIT.

Webinar Highlights

MIT has invested in creating the space and conditions needed to breed innovation, and scholars at the university have taken the time to study the results of their investment and turn it into something that can be taught, learnt, and done by design.

This session outlines three specific initiatives at MIT (innovation ecosystems, sandboxes, and big data) that exemplify the power of cross-pollination and lessons learned through innovative design and implementation.

About Sarah

Sarah Dimick is the research lead within The Conference Board of Canada’s Technology and Innovation Team. During her eight years at the Conference Board, Sarah has contributed to research programs both in Technology and Innovation as well as the Energy, Environment and Technology Groups. Sarah's experience includes research on innovation ecosystems, commercialization, adopting digital technologies, life sciences and biotechnology, water management systems and nuclear energy. Sarah also manages the Council for Innovation and Commercialization and holds a Master of Arts degree in legal studies.

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